Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oh Happy Day.

I bought bedding plants for the planters.  All pinks and purples.

And, George made me a new planter for in front of the deck from an old stock feeder.  I planted pink and purple inpatients in it.  I think it is going to work much better than the planter I had.  The tree roots from the maple tree grew up in the old planter and used up all the water. 

They are going to look really pretty after a month or so when they fill out the planter.

Junior bought me the flowers on the left.  Hannah and Robert bought me red roses and the balloon.  Both bouquets are really pretty.

The kids and their dad went to Silver Dollar City today.  They had a great time.  Hannah said tomorrow they are going swimming but that was before she knew Emmy was here.  She might rather play with Emmy than go swimming.  We will see.

Thursday, May 08, 2014


I asked Robert what he meant when he told Aunt Helen it was comfortable here.  He said 'I just like my planet.' I tired to put words in his mouth by asking if he meant the weather was nice and comfortable.  'No, I just like my world.'

Hannah said, 'Why do you not take my picture?'

Patsy is blind so she will never know what comfortable means to Robert.  

Robert knows lots of big words.  I asked him for a big word.  He said, 'Truck.'  Hannah's big word, 'Character.'

And, BTW, the woman Betty met  at the restaurant that lived in Grandma's apartments was Carolyn Marshall.  Anyway, at that time her name was Marshall.  Now it is Smith.  Mr. Marshall was a little short man, about 5 feet tall.  The other woman that lived there and helped care for Grandma was Wanda Heads.  I can remember these names better than sisters because I worked with these two women for several years.  Clayton was their boss.  I remember when Wanda lived there, she was had been married for several years and had two little kids.  I thought she was 10 or more years older than me.  We are exactly the same age.

My Bio

By Hannah.

Tomorrow is field trip day, to Dogwood Canyon.  I hope it does not rain all day. The weather man thought it would rain early in the day, then scattered showers.  I hope the showers scatter somewhere besides Dogwood Canyon.

And, tomorrow is GHED.

Monday, May 05, 2014


Hannah's taxi.

Our herd.

Betty's herd.

I guess it is a mama and 2 yearlings.

Two yearlings.