Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hannah and some friends...

We know Hannah got at least one vote for Miss Congeniality and she was the only one there that wanted to grow up to be a millionaire.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Mom

Boots has adopted Little Cinderella, the one with the dark head here.  It now follows her around instead of the birth Mom.  And, Boots seems to  have more milk than Patches, so she can feed three easier.  I think we may turn them loose Sunday.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Family of Eight


Cocoa, from Little Red

Danica, from Little Red

Jimmy Johnson, from Patches

Tinker Bell, from Patches

Cinderella Left Behind, from Patches.  Adopted by Boots.

James Dinger, from Boots

Jasmine, from Boots

Joey Logano, from Holly and grandson of Big White.

One more...

Holly, Big White's 2 year old daughter, had this billy today.  She had two last year, but they were born dead because of the iodine deficiency problem.  He is a good sized kid, but not the right color.  Still, he is a nice kid.  She had him in the old shop. I don't think we will put him in the goat pen.  He should be fine where he is.

Here is the seven this afternoon.  Boots is much calmer than Patches.  Left Behind was nursing this Mama today and she seems to accept it.  I think it sucked her before her kids did yesterday.  They are a pile.

Nervous Nanny is off all by herself and Boots  has all the kids. 

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Now they are seven...

We have a dark nanny and a white billy.  And, the little Cinderella left behind has been sneaking in and  getting some colostrum milk.  See the pouring down rain?  If it was not for our good goat barn, she would have been way down in the field somewhere in that rain.  Anyway,this makes 5 nannies out of 7 kids. That is 70% nannies.

They are bigger than patches kids.

Here Patches two white nannies are nursing Patches, Jimmy Johnson is taking it easy in the foreground, and the new ones starting to nurse.

The dark nanny is Jasmine and the white billy is James Dinger, named for A. J. Allmendinger, a Nascar driver we had never heard of.  I found his name on the net.  I asked Robert what to name the new billy. He said are we keeping him?  No.  He said, call him Goodbye Amigo.

Monday, March 07, 2016


The Trumper comes up with a new low, I think, Oh I wish Patsy was here to tell us about this.  
Someone said the repubs, as Pat called them, are now the party of Dumb and Dumber.

This weekend I watched a special on Loretta Lynn on PBS.  I thought I have never read her Coal Miner's Daughter book.  When I went to the Big Library in the Sky, they had an out of order sign on the door.  Tonight, it is working again, and I have downloaded that book.  I think the story of her childhood should be interesting.

The new babies are doing fine, still locked in Jail.  No new additions yet, though.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Under Cover

The roof is on the goat barn and the back is 3/4 done.  George is going to work on the east end this week, if we get any non-rain days.

The girl and Jimmy.

It has been a good day. Brother came over and looked at my non working oven again.  He is going to order parts this week.  He thinks he can fix it, and if not, the part does not cost that much.  

Tomorrow back to work.

So far, So good

In the goat pen, and all getting milk.  The brown boy is Jimmy Johnson, the girl on the left is Tinker Belle,  girl on the left is Cinderella.

Cinderella, so named because Mama is not claiming her.  However, Mama can't count, so she gets to eat anyway.

We also  have Boots locked in the pen as she is due any day now.