Wednesday, March 09, 2016

One more...

Holly, Big White's 2 year old daughter, had this billy today.  She had two last year, but they were born dead because of the iodine deficiency problem.  He is a good sized kid, but not the right color.  Still, he is a nice kid.  She had him in the old shop. I don't think we will put him in the goat pen.  He should be fine where he is.

Here is the seven this afternoon.  Boots is much calmer than Patches.  Left Behind was nursing this Mama today and she seems to accept it.  I think it sucked her before her kids did yesterday.  They are a pile.

Nervous Nanny is off all by herself and Boots  has all the kids. 

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Sister--Three said...

Just like real people...goats ARE different too.

I like the look of the new billy goat gruff.