Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Now they are seven...

We have a dark nanny and a white billy.  And, the little Cinderella left behind has been sneaking in and  getting some colostrum milk.  See the pouring down rain?  If it was not for our good goat barn, she would have been way down in the field somewhere in that rain.  Anyway,this makes 5 nannies out of 7 kids. That is 70% nannies.

They are bigger than patches kids.

Here Patches two white nannies are nursing Patches, Jimmy Johnson is taking it easy in the foreground, and the new ones starting to nurse.

The dark nanny is Jasmine and the white billy is James Dinger, named for A. J. Allmendinger, a Nascar driver we had never heard of.  I found his name on the net.  I asked Robert what to name the new billy. He said are we keeping him?  No.  He said, call him Goodbye Amigo.

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Sister--Three said...

That Robert is a hoot. Nice to have a "new" barn again!!