Saturday, April 20, 2019

I am an Artist!

I got a replacement computer for my little 2 in 1 that I broke last year.  It is a little Dell, older model that was on sale at Walmart online.  I set it up yesterday and have my library book app and am working to get everything arranged to my liking.  It has a camera, but not exactly state of the art camera.  Still, it was fun to work with.  It does not start up as fast as the big HP I bought, but it is reasonable for what it is.  Like the other little tablet computer I broke, it has one real drawback. The power button is on the side on the right, just where you can easily hit it while trying to reposition the thing.  It is much better to have a power button above the keyboard where you would usually not accidently turn off the whole thing.  Anyway, it is a good fit for reading and strolling around while lying in bed, like now,

And, it will also make videos.  The real limits on the camera is that it is only front facing.

So, here is my creation.  Lovely.  Anyway, lots of fun.

We are all so pleased that little Ada Mae is home and doing well.  We love you Ada.