Saturday, April 05, 2014

Maybe the goats sold...

But we don't know.  We took them over there and stayed, and stayed, and stayed, and stayed.  Finally at 5:30 we gave up and came on home.  Kelly said the goats usually sold around 4 O'clock and it was usually over before 5:30.  When we left they probably had almost an hour to go before they were through with the chickens.  I think the goats follow the chickens.

Chickens for sale, chickens for sale!  That is Hannah and Greg at the end of the chicken trail.  Greg went and took the kids, but they left around 2 or so.

Peacocks, ducks, and turkeys also.

Kids both said, "It stinks!"

They had fun anyway.

But they got tired.

Eggs for sale.Kelly in blue shirt, Judy in red facing the camera.  Helen, they sold lots and lots of food, cakes and cookies by the dozen.  When you come back here we will go and buy deserts.  You will love it just like Hannah.

A black rabbit for sale.  Brother Gilbert and wife were there.  He bought a black rabbit, maybe this one and maybe some other one.  Then he bought some more rabbits.

Kelly bought this thing.  They said it was a milker.  I think they saw him coming.

We stopped by Kelly's and dropped off the trailer on the way home.  He was still at the sale, looking for bargains. This is the family cow herd.

Kelly's geese.  Maybe his goose is cooked by now.

I guess it will be next week before we know what the goats brought.  I just could not stay any longer.

Loaded for bear....

Or maybe Goat.

The goat herders.  George worked on the pen yesterday, and Greg put up more panels this morning.  It worked like clockwork.  All 8 males are on the trailer and all 12 females are in the pasture.  It took about 30 minutes to separate them and get them locked in the trailer.

Twelve Nannies.

Four Billies and four wanta bes.

All eight are Bertha's off spring, one way or another.

Two years ago this February we started with five Nannies.  Sammie gave us Little Grey last year.  We lost 2 Nannies in childbirth and gave away two bottle billies.  Now we have a herd of 20, soon to be 12.

Kelly says the goats sell late in the day, and I would like to stay and see them sell, so we are going to wait about an hour to take them over.

Friday, April 04, 2014


are done and they are sooooo cute, but I do not have any pictures.  I am out of film.

But, just before I ran out of film, I took this picture of the goat herd.  Tomorrow we are going to take all the billies we can get loaded off to the sale.  We have 1 big white billy, 3 little billies born in December, and 4 used to be billies. I am afraid we will not get them all loaded, but George says it will be no problem.  Anyway, however many billies we can get loaded, will go to the sale.

The whole herd enjoying the sun this afternoon.  It was cool this morning, but then the sun came out and at least it was pretty and cool.

George borrowed Kelly's trailer to haul them in.

If we wanted to sell Bertha it would be no problem.

Little Grey, wider than she is tall.  She should have babies within the week, or that is my guess anyway.  She is almost dragging the ground.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Pictures and words...

This week end we had two beautiful days.  Saturday I cleaned house and finished the washing, but Sunday I went down to the cemetery and worked a little. The last several times I have gone down there, I have seen deer in the old walnut grove.  Usually 5 or more.

I just love naked sycamore trees.  This one is just beyond the cemetery.

A view from the other side.  Sunday, I cut a few osage orange sprouts and chopped a few weeds.  I a couple of weeks, I will have to mow it again.

It looks like Little Gray will have babies within a week or so.  She is wider than she is tall.  Surely she will have two this time.  Bertha is due around April 30, and Patsy and Lil Sis around the end of June.  I don't know when George is going to sell the billies.  Probably when he gets ready.

Hannah is taking the state tests this week.  She said she thought she made 100 on the test today, but she was not sure.  At least she had and idea about how she did.

We are getting 5 or 6 eggs a day now.  That is more than we can use.  I give some to brother, and I try to get George to take them to Frank, but I may have to start taking them to work.

Today was gorgeous.  Weatherman is predicting Spring storms.  I am ready.