Monday, January 01, 2018

Testing, Testing, are we going faster?

Christmas play at Coin Church December 15, 2017

Computer works much better.

In and Out

These are a couple of the last photos I took in 2017.  

Since getting my first digital camera in 2003, I have taken tons of photos, but now not quite as many as a few years ago when I got my first super camera.  I now own 3 expensive Canon cameras.

Anyway, the old Windows 7 laptop has been having trouble starting up and doing much of anything.  Sometimes it would just stall out and give up on a task.  The hard drive had only about 30 GB free which was not near enough room to run like it should.  Yesterday, I copied some big picture folders to the backup drive Helen bought for me and then deleted them off the hard drive.  I now have 181 GB free.  I hope that takes care of some of its problems.

I have a nice Windows 10 computer/tablet that I use for browsing the net, but I really do not like it for most other things, especially pictures.  I can never find the pictures on it as it just puts them whereever it wants.  Windows 7 is more polite and asks where you want your pictures.  So, hopefully, we are starting out 2018 with a smoother operating laptop.  We will see.

And, we are starting out 2018 very cold. My themo with its new batteries says it is 7 degrees here right now, 5am.  The net weather says 3 degrees. The high is supposed to be 17.

I am cooking beans and ham for Greg and Helen.  I will have to fix something else for Hannah.  Robert likes beans, but she probably will just eat noodles if I don't fix her something else.  I have them on to soak now and will start them cooking in an hour or two.  Then I have to make cornbread for Helen.

Back to work tomorrow, but only working 2 days this week.  I have vacation days scheduled for Thursday and Friday.  Hope it gets up to freezing at least those two days.   

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Burrrrr, Out Like a Lion

The net says it is 12 degrees this am.  About like it has been here since Christmas.  Yesterday was a little warmer, but tonight is supposed to not have any temperature. That is cold.  My house thermometer must have frozen to death, as it is not waking up this am.

Meet Pepper, the boy's new blue healer pup Tony gave him for Christmas.  This was his favorite present.  Although he has since tried to share it with Hannah to get her to help take care of him. 

It was also her favorite present, but she says it is entirely brothers job to clean up after it.  He is going to be an outside dog, but it is jsut too cold outside right now for a pup with no mom to keep him warm.  

Christmas Eve, I went by to check on George's grave.  I have his stone purchased, but they will not be able to place it till it gets a little warmet than this.  

This was Christmas morning.  

George would have been excited.  Our kids are growing up as they were not up at the crack of dawn to see this.  They did not get up Christmas morning until after 9 when Helen broght their new pup down.

This morning, when I tried to start this old computer, it did not want to wake up.  My task for the last day of the year is to get all my photos off this machine and onto the big backup drive Helen bought for me almost a year ago.  All that is on here that needs to be saved, is those thousands of photos that do not exist any where except on this hard drive.  Today is now or never.  Get er don.