Saturday, August 03, 2013

Rainy Saturday...

Yes, I took boy shopping yesterday.  No, I will not do that again.  I knew boy was not a clothes shopper, but I was not sure what size jeans would fit him since he has gotten so fat.  He wore a size 7 regular Wranglers.  So, if I want to shop for him again, I will leave him with the boys and just take Hannah.  I can just measure other brands against the Wranglers I know fit.  We got several new T shirts for him.  He was not into the clothes thing at all.

We went to Mickey Dees for lunch.  Rob ate all his lunch, half of Hannah's burger and half of my fries plus the apple slices from both Happy Meals.  I need to start buying him regular meals instead of kids meals, but he still really likes getting the toy.

It is raining again and has been only in the 80's for the last few days.  Patsy says it is fall.  Some of my tomato plants are falling over because they are top heavy and probably have shallow roots from all the wet weather.  I have more tomatoes than I know what to do with.

Today, the kids are supposed to go to the theater and see Smurfs 2.  I plan on going through their clothes while they are gone and sorting play clothes from school clothes.  They both have lots of nice clothes because someone bought them new school clothes in April.

We are getting 6 to 9 eggs a day now.  The chickens go in their hen house each night and so far we have remembered to lock them and and the critters our each night, but last night it was 10 when I remembered.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

School clothes

Hannah and I went shopping for new school clothes.  She got one new dress, 3 pairs of pants and several new tops.  The black top with the kitty cat is her favorite.  Robert was not with us, so we will have to get his later.  He has grown and will have to try on jeans because I am not sure what size he will need.  We also got her a new pair of Sketcher sneakers.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hannah, the Photographer

I let Hannah use my old camera, the SX 130, to take pictures today.  She just loves taking pictures.

Self portrait.

Bell,the pup, by Hannah.

Hannah's new haircut, with just a little curl, by GMaw.

My favorite.

From the side, so you can see the back.  Blunt cut, evenly so it is not so stringy.