Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31, Wednesday

Today is turning out to be a beautiful day.  Almost 70 outside and lots of sunshine.

I did something today that I will never do again.  I voted for a black man.  I am sure I will never get that opportunity again.  I know in my life time a black man's name will not appear on my local or state ballot and, I don't think we will see it again on the Presidential ballot for decades.

I have decided probably Obama will get re-elected.  I think he will win the electoral college vote, although the are saying now he probably won't top 300.  I hope he wins the popular vote, because if he does not, we will hear about it for 4 years, again and again.  But, that could be a good thing.  If he wins the election, but not the popular vote, maybe the repubs will vote for a one man one vote presidential election.

Oh, and about the undecideds.  At this point, all the undecideds are voting for Romney because anyone that has that much trouble making a decision has to  be really dumb.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30, Tuesday

October almost gone.  Audit is underway.  So far, so good.

Kids were here, but Mama came and picked them up yesterday.

I bought both of them a new coat and Hannah got a couple of new outfits.  Robert did not want clothes.  He got a new toy.  A back hole like the ones they were using on the road right outside the store.