Friday, September 06, 2013

All Done!

The chest against the wall.  My dresser on the left.  The dresser  has a big mirror, but we have not got it put up yet.

The new bed.

Kids test it out.

The girl killing bugs around the porch light.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Project, Day Three...

We skipped day two.  George got all the floor down today around 3 or so.  It looks great.  I bought all new bedroom furniture.  We will go get the furniture tomorrow, after we go have lunch with the kids.  Tomorrow is grandparents day at school.

Robert was sick today and stayed home from school.  He is all better and will go tomorrow.  Hannah cried because she had to go to school this morning and he did not.

New floor.  All clean and pretty.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Project Day One

We got all the furniture out of the bedroom except for the big thing the TV sets on, and George has taken out the baseboard.  Tomorrow, I will have to go buy the under layer of plastic while  he removes the carpet.  When he bought the flooring, the only plastic they  had to go under it costs more than the flooring.  Hopefully, by tomorrow night, we will have a start on laying the floor.

If we get it finished by the weekend, I am going to go buy my new bedroom furniture. By next week, I should have a whole new bedroom.  This will be the first new bedroom set I have ever bought.  The set I am using now, I bought used when Jr. was 14 years old.  A long time ago.

And, when we go furniture buying, we will not have to rush back to get home by the time school is out because Auntie Helen will be here.  She came over this morning and saw I was emptying the bed room and promptly announced she was going up to brothers.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Powell Land, creeks and carnies...

I bought a book from Halifax County Virginia to try to locate the land Charles Powell owned in Halifax County in 1777.  From county land records we know that Charles Powell's land was on Licking Creek and adjoined his father-in-law's land along the south side of the Dan River. Anthony Gholson's land description was given as follows:
Lying on the south side of on the lower side of the Deep Bottom Creek…
Bound as follows: beginning at John Dickies upper corner Sugar tree on the said river, along his said line to William Wileys line,
Along the same to a large pine on the new road whereon the said Wiley and John Raney corners
Along the said Raney line to Joseph Talberts
Along the same line to Elizabeth Millers line
Along the same to Spring branch
Down the same as it meanders to Deep Bottom Creek
Down the same as it meanders to the river
Down said River as it meanders to the beginning
Being part of the track bequeathed to Jacob Miller by the late will and testament of Harman Miller

 Licking Creek, Deep Bottom Creek, and Spring Branch are not found on current Halifax County maps.  This book says that the current Locust Creek is likely Licking Creek and Chalmers Creek is like Big Bottom Creek.  I think Deep Bottom Creek and Big Bottom Creek are the same creek.  Anyway, here is about where I think Anthony and Charles land was in Halifax County in 1777.

This is the google map I 'enhanced'.

This is the original from the net showing Chalmers and Locust creeks without my drawings.  Chalmers  creek is west of Locust.

I could only identify the location of the William Wiley land on the maps in the map book, but several land descriptions mention Licking Creek and Big Bottom Creek.  See pages from  book below.

Topco map from the book of area where Gholson and Powell lands were located.  William Wiley owned land in the lower right hand corner of this map.  Anthony Gholson's land and Charles Powell's land both bordered on William Wiley's land.

Plat map from the book of the same area as the topco map above.  If you click to enlarge the maps, you can read the writing.


Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Laura Gene,

Happy birthday to you.

There goes the neighborhood...

She has been decorating her bedroom.  Doesn't it look nice?

The air worked sometimes, and not other times, like when it was needed.  Patsy loaned her a window air.  Greg and George put it in and it works great.  Just the right size.  I told her to stand next to it for the picture.  She said she did not want her face in the picture because she did not have on makeup.  You can not even tell she does not have on makeup in this picture.  Such a good camera.

This is her TV.  I think she is going to  have to set it on the deck and open the door to watch TV.

Hannah is helping her clean.  She needs the help.

This may look a tab messy, but yesterday it was piled 4 feet high all over the deck.