Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sweet Sixteen

Sisters have been melancholy in their comments.  This is March, the month of March Madness and Sweet Sixteen, on the news everyday.  Brother loved Sweet Sixteen.

I am selfish.  What I miss the most is no one to ask. Just last week, we saw an old barn over towards Farewell.  I cannot remember who lived there when we were kids. No one to ask.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Almost Friday

Kids have been home on spring break since Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday were nice, but yesterday we had storms and today was cool.

Tuesday, Hannah went with me on my walk, and yesterday they both went.

Sunday on my walk, I picked up trash over to the red barn.  Today, I picked up trash to the top of the Meek hill.  I think this next month I will pick up trash all the way to our Church.  Maybe.

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking the kids, and Emmy if she wants to go, to see Cinderella.  At first Robert did not want to go because it is a Princess movie, then he said, OK, I will go with you two.