Thursday, March 26, 2015

Almost Friday

Kids have been home on spring break since Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday were nice, but yesterday we had storms and today was cool.

Tuesday, Hannah went with me on my walk, and yesterday they both went.

Sunday on my walk, I picked up trash over to the red barn.  Today, I picked up trash to the top of the Meek hill.  I think this next month I will pick up trash all the way to our Church.  Maybe.

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking the kids, and Emmy if she wants to go, to see Cinderella.  At first Robert did not want to go because it is a Princess movie, then he said, OK, I will go with you two.  


Sister--Three said...

Buy robert plenty of popcorn and he will like the movie!!

The 4th Sister said...

when you are young you can walk in flip flops

Sister--Three said...

Helen, we would have walked down that red dirt road barefooted. Would not even needed flip flops.

When we were yioung....fleta and I are the old sisters now. So much has changed where did the time go. I miss richard, clayton and Patsy so much. It just seems totally sad that they are not here. I wish I could just talk to each one more time.

Sister--Three said...

I would tell each-- richard, clayton, and Patsy how proud I was to be their sister and how much I loved and respected eac of them. What blessing a good family is.