Friday, May 29, 2015

Just hang in there

One more day, Helen, and your rainy Saturday post will be current again.  I wish I had a camera as I came by her house tonight just at dark.  Her bloomers are hanging out on that line she strung from the tree to the fence, and it is ..pouring down rain.  Her drawers are full of water.

New toy and Flip/Flop

We got a hole digger to fix the fence around the garden.  Hopefully it will be completed by Monday.  Goats love tomatoe plants

And, Lucy is dark, Dezi is not.  I don't think the mama is going to accept the brown goat.  I think we ill keep them penned for about a month, catching her 3 times a day and letting the nannie eat.  After that, we will turn them out and she will be alright even if she does not get much milk.  If we go camping next weekend as planned, Helen says she will feed the baby.

Today is last day of school.  Come Monday morning, Emmy has a job baby sitting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  That way Papa can get his housework done each day without worring about the kids.

Vacation Bible School starts June 14, and Helen and I will have to help.  I just can't wait.  You know how I love kids.  I am  helping wiht crafts and Helen is helping with food.  It is going to be so much fun.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lucy and Dezi

Dezi is dark and Lucy is not.  This is Baby Gray.  They were born sometime last night.  She had them in the 'new' milk barn in the upper part.  The brown billy fell off the ledge and was seperated from mama when I found them this morning.  She does not want to take him.  We have shut them in the chicken pen and I have caught her twice now and made her let him eat.  If I wake up early enough tomorrow, I will do it again in the morning.  Helen is going to try to do it sometime tomorrow.  The first time she faught to get away, but just now she stood pretty easy as long as I held her.  If she does not 'take' him, we will probably take him to the sale either this Saturday or next Saturday.

They look like good goats.

Two of the yearlying nannies have lost their babies.  We are goat poor anyway, so it is OK.  We have 2 good looking nannies so far.  In the next two weeks, we have 5 more that should kid.  Then, I want to sell some of the littlier nannies.  George says our Billy is throwing big kids that are too big for our little nannies.  I think he may be right about that.  Still, the ones that lived look strong and healthy.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday, Monday

But it seemed more like Sunday.  Tomorrow will be Monday at work.

It was nice today, but muggy.  Now it is starting to rain again.

Today I walked to here...

I think it is 6 miles from  here to there. I took some pictures of stone, but I did not find George Gaddy's stone.  I think he was buried here, but not sure.  I did not really look very hard.

A baby's grave.

Gramdpa's sister.

Grandpa's mother.

Grandpa's father and his first wife.

Grandpa's Aunt's husband.

Grandpa's Carpenter grandparents.

The Triggs.

A neighbor girl.

Her parents.

I think these are likely children of above George and Fannie.  They are between Marcia Dean and her parents.

Grandpa's sister.

God's flowers at the roadside.

The house on Billy Joe's place.  The old house burned years ago.

Jonell's house.  Her yard is always pretty.

Dry Creek bridge between Billy Joe's and Jonells seen from the top of the hill on the way to the cemetery.  You can just see the corner of Jonell's red roof, left center.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Monsoon season in the Ozarks...

It has rained and rained and rained.  The creek is up over Coin Bridge, so if you are going to Coin Church tonight, you will need to take the long way around.

Our little Mama and baby have been missing for a couple of days. It has rained so much, I have not looked beyond the outbuildings for her.  This evening around 6:30 George went looking on the wheeler and I walked around in the wet some.  I heard one crying up on the hill between me and son so I walked up on the hill.  Found Mama with baby tucked under a rock for protection from the rain.  I have often told myself, it is best to just leave the goats alone with their babies.  They know what to do better  than I do.  It is sometimes hard to adhear to that, but it is really correct.  If we loose a baby, it is likely that something was wrong to start with.

Took these with my new phone. This one is fuzzy, but I got some good ones of the baby.

I tried to bluethooth them, but failed.  

Cord connection worked great.

When Patsy gave me the goats, she said she wanted to see them run the rock quary.  I said it was not fenced, so that was not possible.  As our herd is not free range, they go where they please.  For the last couple of weeks, it has pleased them to spend most of their time on the rocks eating away at the brush.  Patsy would be please.  I have not seen them in Powell meadow for two or three weeks.  I just hope Dan's goats are not eating Helen's flowers.