Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lucy and Dezi

Dezi is dark and Lucy is not.  This is Baby Gray.  They were born sometime last night.  She had them in the 'new' milk barn in the upper part.  The brown billy fell off the ledge and was seperated from mama when I found them this morning.  She does not want to take him.  We have shut them in the chicken pen and I have caught her twice now and made her let him eat.  If I wake up early enough tomorrow, I will do it again in the morning.  Helen is going to try to do it sometime tomorrow.  The first time she faught to get away, but just now she stood pretty easy as long as I held her.  If she does not 'take' him, we will probably take him to the sale either this Saturday or next Saturday.

They look like good goats.

Two of the yearlying nannies have lost their babies.  We are goat poor anyway, so it is OK.  We have 2 good looking nannies so far.  In the next two weeks, we have 5 more that should kid.  Then, I want to sell some of the littlier nannies.  George says our Billy is throwing big kids that are too big for our little nannies.  I think he may be right about that.  Still, the ones that lived look strong and healthy.

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Sister--Three said...

I think George is right

Held was Able to goat rope grey so to speak