Friday, May 29, 2015

New toy and Flip/Flop

We got a hole digger to fix the fence around the garden.  Hopefully it will be completed by Monday.  Goats love tomatoe plants

And, Lucy is dark, Dezi is not.  I don't think the mama is going to accept the brown goat.  I think we ill keep them penned for about a month, catching her 3 times a day and letting the nannie eat.  After that, we will turn them out and she will be alright even if she does not get much milk.  If we go camping next weekend as planned, Helen says she will feed the baby.

Today is last day of school.  Come Monday morning, Emmy has a job baby sitting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  That way Papa can get his housework done each day without worring about the kids.

Vacation Bible School starts June 14, and Helen and I will have to help.  I just can't wait.  You know how I love kids.  I am  helping wiht crafts and Helen is helping with food.  It is going to be so much fun.


Sunshine said...

Oh Aunt Fleta....that last paragraph made me laugh.

Erin said...

We are going camping next weekend too. If the campground isn't under water.

Sister--Three said...

Vacation bible school is no vacation!! Lol