Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer Time

A butterfly caught Hannah.  She thought this was amazing.

Ginger was not so sure.

Hannah's own closeup.

Uncle George rented a toy for the weekend.

Bob thinks it is amazing.

It looks dangerous to me.

See the delight.

Brush is coming down.

I am awake early.  In a bit I will walk, maybe call sister and then go to store to get steaks.  I am going to have Greg grill steaks for everyone tomorrow as that is the most promising day for sunshine in the afternoon.

I am excited as I do not go back to work until Wednesday.  They are doing some construction and we get and extra day.

I still have not decided on goat names and soon we will likely  have two more to name.  I am thinking about just going to numbers.  George dubbed Big White's nanny Seven because the white spot on her head is 7 shaped.  We could have 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Helen got the rest of the graveyard flowers done yesterday, but I think we still need to take them to the cemetery.  I could do that on my way to Harrison today.  I always get our steaks at Country Mart at Harrison as they have better meat than the other stores around here and have better prices on meat.

The garden is doing great.  We have had lots of rain in the last week and it  has warmed up a little.  Monday, if I do not get completely rained out, I am going to trim our cemetery grass.  We have some rain predicted for each day for almost a week, so I may have to reschedule.  

One week to VBS and 5 weeks to our big western vacation.  We are excited.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

School's Out

Yesterday was the last day of school.  Hannah was recognized as a character.  We agree, she is a character.

The dog is working out really well.  Both kids just love her.  She is well behaved and minds better than the kids.

June 6 is the start of VBS at church.  I am in charge of crafts.  It beats being a teacher.  On Wednesday nights now I am the teacher for 1-3rd graders.  I do not like this.  Now that it is getting warmer, I think I will look for games to play and take them outside.  I believe we will play drop the hanky next Wed.  And maybe sing songs.

We need names for the two little nannies born last week.  I was doing princess names, but am not liking anything I come up with.  Since they were born in May, I am now thinking Maybe and Maybenot.  Or maybe 2B and 3B.  I am open for suggestions.