Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday, May 10...

A good news day in Carroll County.

Boy with the lego tanker truck he bought with money from Cousin Winnie.

Girl with her new doll

Gathering eggs.

Not sure what we are doing here, dancing?

Boy with his truck put together.  He really likes trucks.

Girl got 3 new school outfits, which she really needed.  Boy got new sheets.  He did not need clothes and did not want any.  They also got new clothes hampers for their rooms.  And ice cream and strawberries to make shakes with.  They both love strawberry shakes and are amazed Grandma can make shakes at home.

I bought tomato and pepper plants today to replace the ones that got frozen on Patsy's birthday.  Tomorrow, I am going to go to Harrison and look for some flowers for the flower boxes out front.

I hope everyone has a wonderful mother's day cause I am going to.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


We have 4 new baby chicks, and may have another one or two by morning.  She had 6 eggs under her to start with.

See three here, but there is one more.

I could not stand the chickens being locked in the house, so I turned them out in the pen about 6 tonight.  I will turn them into the pen around 4 or 5 in the evening each day for a while, then we will start turning them into the pen in the morning.  After I think they will for sure go back to the hen house to roost at night.

Girl looking.

A rooster named Robert and his flock.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Monday on the chicken and goat farm

The girl gathering eggs tonight.

She got 5 eggs.  Most of them were brown eggs.

Boy playing trucks with neighbor boy.

Thanks, Wiinnie, for the card and gift card.  We will buy things needed.  Robert needs new sheets for his bed.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

And, more chickens and goats

She wants to touch them, but is a little afraid.  But she is not nearly as afraid of them as Emmy.

I touched her with a stick.

She was never afraid of the others.  I guess it is because they are big and so many of them.

Girl and chicks.

Billy is really interested in the new goat.  I do not think she is bred.

Greg said, you mentioned you wanted goats and Aunt Patsy sent goats.  You wanted chickens and Aunt Patsy sent chickens.  Tell her you always really really wanted a gold mine.

Sunday, Chickens, Goat

Watching Myth Busters blow things up.  Great fun.

Picking up goat and chickens.

The Princess.

Stranger in the herd.

Black Jack likes to ride piggy back on Big Red. The new goat is just the other side of the billy, right behind George's hand.

Chicken Man and the Princess unloading.

New digs.

Emmy named the roster Robert.  Robert loved that.

Other Princess.

The pen.


Two princesses.