Sunday, May 05, 2013

And, more chickens and goats

She wants to touch them, but is a little afraid.  But she is not nearly as afraid of them as Emmy.

I touched her with a stick.

She was never afraid of the others.  I guess it is because they are big and so many of them.

Girl and chicks.

Billy is really interested in the new goat.  I do not think she is bred.

Greg said, you mentioned you wanted goats and Aunt Patsy sent goats.  You wanted chickens and Aunt Patsy sent chickens.  Tell her you always really really wanted a gold mine.


Sister--Three said...

Your gold mine is the kids...and not the goats! lol

The 4th Sister said...

Fleet, I have some gently used shoes that would be worth sending ...what size does Hannah wear... These are 13. and I would not send them but there are a few nice clothes I am wanting to send.