Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday, May 10...

A good news day in Carroll County.

Boy with the lego tanker truck he bought with money from Cousin Winnie.

Girl with her new doll

Gathering eggs.

Not sure what we are doing here, dancing?

Boy with his truck put together.  He really likes trucks.

Girl got 3 new school outfits, which she really needed.  Boy got new sheets.  He did not need clothes and did not want any.  They also got new clothes hampers for their rooms.  And ice cream and strawberries to make shakes with.  They both love strawberry shakes and are amazed Grandma can make shakes at home.

I bought tomato and pepper plants today to replace the ones that got frozen on Patsy's birthday.  Tomorrow, I am going to go to Harrison and look for some flowers for the flower boxes out front.

I hope everyone has a wonderful mother's day cause I am going to.


Sister--Three said...

Happy Mother's Day. The greatest gifts come from the lord watching over the little ones and Finches!

Sister--Three said...

Fleta, Erin said Hannah looks just like her Grandma!

Erin said...

Don't forget your potholders on the front porch!!!

patsy said...

I think Hannah is a lot like her grandma.
I called fleta earlier to day and Robert said who is it? fleta said aunt patsy, Robert said AGAIN i am made at Robert

The 4th Sister said...

LOOK she had that new doll in her arms gathering eggs