Saturday, August 10, 2013

Moving on in...

Son's renters have moved out and he is in the process of moving back in.  This is the view from the edge of my yard.  He is moving his RV down there too and planing on renting it out to someone.  It will set in the lower corner of the yard facing this way.

George and Robert were in hog heaven yesterday.  He pushed over the old shed and burned it.  Crash, Bang, Burn.  Robert's favorite things.

This is the view from his gate.

Where the tractor is will be about where the RV will set, maybe a little above that to be above the little trees.  There are 5 or 6 little trees that have grown up here in the last few years, will sorta bushes.  But, two of them are persimmons and my advice would be to cut the persimmon bushes down.  We will see what they do. 

This is the view from about where the front door to the RV will be, facing this way.

Son's driveway, again.

Some of my Rose of Sharon that I transplanted last year.   A purple and a white planted together so they look like one plant with two different colored blooms.

It still rained a little dab last night.  I think it is supposed to be sunny  today, but that just means very humid and sticky outside.  I may stay inside.  The boys are planning on starting laying the electric and water line for the RV today.  They will use George's little backhoe to put the lines underground.  As wet as it is, George said it would be easy digging.  Robert will love that.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Kelly Tone in the news...

At Harrison Daily Times, online edition.

For Patsy's blog friends that do not recognize him, that is Patsy's son, Tony, standing behind his boss, Nancy. The city of GF was honoring her son by naming the street in front of the school for him. Our Debbie always called both of Patsy's sons Kelly Tone. 

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

And that's the way it is

Hannah: Can I take a bath?
Grandma: Not now?

Hannah: Why?
Grandma: Because it is too early, you would just get dirty again before bedtime.

Hannah: But I want to take a bath.
Grandma: No, not now.

Hannah: Do you know where Grandpa is?

First baby of 2013

Or at least the first baby fawn we have seen on our land this year.  We are seeing more deer on the salt block and in our pasture, but this is the first fawn we have seen this year.

We did see two does the other day here on the salt block that each had a white mark on their side.  The one is our doe we have seen with twins for the last two years, and I bet the other one is here daughter, but, neither had fawns with them at the time we saw them.

Mama jumped the fence and wondered off towards Dan's pond.  Baby wondered a few feet up the fence and then settled down in the weeds to wait for Mama's return.

Can you see me now?

Monday, August 05, 2013

Photos by Robert

He also took a bunch of pics just of the dog, but they were not a cute as these.

The one below, I took today.  Our first watermelon and it was really good.  We should get several melons from our 5 or 6 vines.