Saturday, April 02, 2016

And Now we are Nine...

Big White lost the baby that had the most brown on her.  We do not know what happened. She came in the 31st with just one baby.  We have not found any sign of  the lost one.  Maybe a coyote got it.

This is the entire herd on the pond bank this morning.  We have been locking them in the pen every night.  They are easy to get in with just a little bit of feed.  We have two yearlings that will have kids, probably next month, and Bertha will have kids in the next couple of weeks.  She is the only goat we have that will let me feel her bag and it is not getting hard yet.  Their bags turn hard a few days before they  have kids.  Most of our goats will come to us and let us pet them, but you can only touch them around the head and neck.  Try for the bag and they shy away.

Greg is home for a while, as his job ended.  It may be a few weeks before he goes out again.  In the meantime, he can draw unemployment.  Maybe we can get a little work out of him.

This is sunrise last weekend.  I have not been walking as much the last couple of months.  I went to the red barn this morning.  I have to start walking every day again.