Thursday, November 27, 2014


Started out really gloomy.

But was bright and nice this afternoon.  We had turkey and all the other stuff.  It was all good and there is enough left to eat on for another day or two.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hooray for the net...

The kids ipad mini has not worked for about a month now.  The charging cord had a broken wire, I bought a new charger, but it still was just black.  I got another charger, thinking maybe this one was bad.  Still just black screen of death.  I searched the net and it said to do a hard reboot. It said if you see the apple logo you are in business.  We are now in business.

Look at the camera.  Just a minute, Grandma.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 22nd walk up Calen's Branch to Old Teter Place

Yesterday, it was gloomy and damp, threatening to rain at any minute.  Just the same, about 9 o'clock, I decided to walk around the road to the second slab at Calen's Branch and walk up the dry stream bed to where it comes out on the road.  Until  last week, I did not realize that the stream bed at this second slab was not just an off shoot of the other Calen's Branch stream bed just a few feet before this.  Now, I am not even sure which on of these is actually Calen's Branch, as they are definitely two different wet weather stream beds.

This is my google map, blue lines are going, pink lines are returning.  


I wore a rain jacket, and plenty of layers, with orange on top for the deer hunters.  It only actually rained a couple of times for a few minutes, but was drizzly damp for most of the first hour.  In all I walked about 7.5 miles for 2 hours and 45 minutes.  I really enjoyed the walk, but the pictures would have turned out better if the day had not been so grey.

Here is the red dirt road leading down the steep hill to the two slabs.

This is the second slab.  Just up the road a few yards is the T in the road.  If you take the right hand turn at that road, in just a few yards around the curve, you come to the old rock house where Patsy and the Poor Boys lived in the mid 1960's.  If you turn left, you go on towards the Old Isaac Teter place and another slab across this steam bed.  Right beyond that slab is where Dolen Lynn lived when we were kids, in a big white frame house.  If I remember right, Jimmy and Stella lived there at one time.

This is the dry stream bed I followed.


To the right is the tree line of the stream bed, and up at the top of that hill is the road.

The limestone lined stream bed.

Another view of the stream bed.

Getting closer to the road.

This is a out building on the old Lynn place.  The house disappeared years ago.

Another out building close by.

Back on the road.  That is the slab across the stream bed in the distance.  Go right and you go home. Go left and you go to the Teter place.

On up the hill.  I started up this road, cause I could not remember just where it went.  Then I looked at my phone to see the time and saw that the batter was almost dead.

So here, I decided to turn back to the road that I told George I was taking.  In case it started raining really hard, I wanted to be able to tell in quickly where to come get me.

The slab again, turn left to Teter's place.

Up the hill.

Isaac Teter's old house.  Turn back here.

On the road above the creek bed where I walked earlier.  If you enlarge this you can see the grey limestone in the creek bed.

Dead stuff along the road.

Another view of the creek bed from the road up the hill.

Up the hill towards home.  This is the Y, turn left up the hill to go to Farewell, turn right down the hill to go home.

Towards Farewell, but I am going right to home.  Maybe another day will walk to Farewell.  How far is that?

This is the pasture across from the red barn.  George say's Bob Trigg owns this. The road that runs by here is the red dirt road down to Calen's Branch a few pictures back.  I am probably about a half mile to a mile from here on another road.

Go right to home, go straight and then around the curve and you are at the old rock house that Patsy live in about 1965-66.

Back to the slab where I left the road about an hour before.

Up the red dirt road out of Calen's Branch.

Trigg's cattle.  The same cattle from the earlier picture, but closer.

Hampton's barn in the distance.  Going home.

The road in front of Hampton's barn. The Blue Gate that is the 1.5 mile point from my house is in far distant horizon.

The road to the old stone place.  Their mailbox is at the top of this hill.  That mailbox is 1.1 miles from the start of my walk.

On to home.