Thursday, January 05, 2017

Sermons 4 Kids

For about a year now, I have been the Sunday School Teacher for the first and second graders on Wednesday night.  I do not like doing this and I am not good at it.  Our Church buys literature for all the Wednesday night lessons.  I positively strongly dislike the lessons for my kids and feel the same about the lessons for the other groups.  The purpose of lessons is to impart understanding.  These lessons impart boredom to my little group.  The girls always like the reading part, but currently I have one girl and 2 non reading boys.  That is much better than last year when I had a dozen kids in a tiny room.  Anyway, I have been looking for alternative material that would correspond with the lesson idea presented and a more teachable and learnable format.

I have found a wonderful kids Sunday School site  here

 For example this week's lesson in on Samuel.  My kids love word searches, puzzles and quizzes.  I found all of these plus songs and coloring pages about Samuel and listening at this site.  Next Wednesday, we are going to continue with Samuel with new, interesting to young boys, material.  I feel we will all get much more from the lesson with these kid friendly material.

Of course, my main objective for placing this here is so I can find it again when I need material for the next lesson.  And, maybe Erin could use some of this when it comes her turn to teach.  At our Church there are not turns.  We are so outnumbered by the kids that we all have permanent functions. In addition to teaching the little ones, it is my function to feed the flock.  It is good to have purpose. 

Church last night

was good.  We  had 25 kids and half that many adults.  I took chicken and two cakes which was fortuitous as they only had chips and cookies.  Sister Joyce commented that I made my own birthday cake.  I told her with only guys in the family, I was used to that.  We had chocolate and French vanilla cake with frosting courtesy of Aunt Helen as I was out of both frosting and powdered sugar.

Robert had a good time, which has not been the case in recent Wednesday night meetings.  When we ate, he sat with Brother Jerry and Brother Daryl.  Jerry took note that Robert went back for thirds on the chicken and chips.

And, Helen, I have great news for you.  Sister Joyce is already working on the 2017 Christmas play.  She says we are all going to be hillbillies.  She was all excited and already writing it in her head.  Of course, that is where it always gets written and mostly stays there.  The paper version is much less grand than her imagination.   I just can't wait.

Oh, and on the way there and back we saw a coyote and 3 raccoons.  They were not babies and not adults. Robert said they were teenagers. 

Tomorrow is go home early day.

Today is Jackie's birthday, 34 years ago, and 3 years gone.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Here comes the cold,

but today was fairly warm.  It is just now starting to get cold. It is really damp.  The air is dripping.  It maybe below 10 tomorrow night.

Today was a five mile day, but the first 4 were really more ambling instead of real walking.  I went over to JR's after getting the kids off to school this morning, hoping to see eagles in the Eagle tree.  There were eagles swarming the hillsides.

The fog really affected the pictures.

I worked on these two to enhance them.

In all I saw a half dozen or so eagles and a couple of hawks.

Back to work tomorrow.

My favorite

The rest of the story

Photos that I want to keep, I like to put on the blog because they are automatically backed up in my Google photos.  I know I could just upload them to the backup, but it is easier to just put them here.