Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to me

Our microwave died yesterday, so I went after work and got a new one. George uses the microwave dozens of times a day to warm his coffee, so we really needed it. I like this one much better than the one we had. We rarely use the mirowave for anything except warming things. The one we had would beep when it finished and keep beeping every 30 seconds or so FOREVER unless you hit the clear button or opened the door. George says that after 10 minutes or so it would stop beeping, but I don't thing so. But, I could never stand it for 10 minutes. This one beeps 3 times as it finishes and then leaves me along. Also, if you put 1, it immediately starts and runs for 1 minute, push2 and you get 2 minutes and so one. Truly 1 button operation.

Today, I think I may go buy paint. George has the wall done and the subfloor down in the new living room addition. He and Jr are supposed to put up the trim on the wall today or maybe later this week end. Then it is on to painting. We will have dinner at the neighbors, (Laura's Mom's) tonight. I am cooking a turkey tomorrow, but we may be here by ourselves. I have on of those Thanksgiving 40 cent turkeys and I am cooking it. I will slice and freeze the extras. There will likely be many extras, but it only cost about $6 for the whole bird. George can eat Turkey for weeks instead of crow.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Working on the railroad

We moved the computer today. It is now next to the kitchen by the TV. When we get the living room floor in and the room painted, the TV will be moved over into where the computer was, and we will move the computer over centered between the window and the kitchen.

Also, I have went through drawers and drawers and drawers and thrown away many many things, organizing what is Left. We are packing much less baggage today.

This shows the empty room where the computer was. The door is gone and the wall is ready for George to put in the section where the door was. He got the pieces he took off down all in one piece each, so he will cut those to make this wall. He also took out the old carpet today. We plan on finishing the sub floor Christmas weekend and painting the whole thing New Year's week end. We plan on getting a good start for the new year. Then, it is on to the kitchen. It is all going to look so much better all painted country white just like the back bedroom.

It felt good to throw away so much of the clutter in the drawers. I am going to have to do the same thing with the kitchen.