Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 25, Saturday

I bet Betty and Helen have been completely lost without me telling them what day it is.

Busy week, now over.  I am glad.

They were going to town, and she said " I've got the sign."

Boy, ready also.

Grandma wanted a picture of all three.  Girl would not smile because I made her put down the sign for the picture.

Took several, not one smile.

Got the sign back.

Tomorrow, they will not be so happy. Daddy is leaving for North Dakota and a new job in the morning.  But that is tomorrow, and now is happy time.

Laundry room, with only the freezer and laundry stuff.

Took all the feed and other stuff out on the back porch.  I was looking for something to put the feed in and noticed George had a metal barrel he bought to burn trash in, but he still has two good burn barrels. I put the feed in his new barrel and laid a heavy piece of metal on top.   Laundry room looks so much better without the feed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 21, Tuesday

Things to be thankful for.

Joe Biden is thankful for Todd Akins.  No one is talking about chains on the news tonight.

Winnie Jo is thankful for Todd Akins cause maybe Claire will get to return to the senate next year.

Me for Obama building things in North Dakota cause son has a job starting up there next week.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monday is Wash day

And I have a newly painted and floored wash room to do the washing.
  Here the appliances are on the porch and new subfloor is going in.

The area all white and pretty.

Looks so neat and clean now, with new floor like the living room.  Now there is just a little space by the back door that needs new flooring, but the walls and ceiling are painted.  Maybe we will even get the new back door put in soon.

August 19, Sunday

Uncle George took the boy to ride in this truck.  He came home and said 'I had FUN!'.  No pics inside the truck, because the batteries on the little camera died, but he got to ride around town and back to the shop.

'Cras'h Aday in action.

Cousins playing in the dirt.  The extras are Emmy's cousins at their Nana's next door.

We got a little dirty.

Coming home at the end of a long day in the dirt.  The wagon was to haul all the trucks.