Saturday, January 30, 2010


Are smarter than people. I got them to come out in the snow for 2 minutes, then they turned right around and went back inside where there was no snow.

Feeding the birds.

Snow, no Mo

It finally quit snowing sometime in the night. We ended up with somewhere between 8 and 12 inches. I may step out and measure later, but for now I just opened the door and shot from the doorway. We got very little ice falling, mostly snow, so we do not have a buildup on the power lines. I can take snow much easier than ice. I guess Patsy will have to shovel a path to the chicken pen. George will be the one here to get out and water and feed. It is 22 degrees this am and it not supposed to get above freezing today, so all outside water is now ice.

And, how is your day going?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Helen Called

She said she was back home (or at least at Melissa's) by 3 pm and doing fine. She said it was a walk in the park compared to what she experienced the last time. She was feeling good and resting.

We have over 3 inches of snow now. It has snowed all day but it is not the heavy wet snow we get sometimes. We do not have ice or other frozen stuff on the trees or power lines, so we probably will not loose power. At least there should not be a lot of power outages like we have with ice. When it is just a line here and there, the power company can get it fixed quickly.

George has been putting up our new lights, like this one. He is putting the one in our bedroom now and he will have all the lights changed out expect for the bathroom lights. See, he even hung my house picture. It looks really good here. The shade on my reading lamp matches the color in Erin's curtains.

George has fed all the animals, pigs and nags. He took hay to the horses and corn to the pigs. He had to haul water with the tractor for the pigs. I bet they are enjoying their house. He put some of the old hay in the pen when he got them and I guess that has felt good today.

I just laid around all day and watched George work.

Cold, Blowing Snow

At 8 am we have about 2 and a half inches of snow. The snow is very fine and blowing. My in outy thermometer says it is 23 degrees outside. The one hanging on the pole outside says about 19 degrees. It is supposed to snow most of the day. KY3 says 3 to 6 inches. I doubt if we loose our power over this.

Clayton needs to cook us some chicken and dumplins. I can not because I do not have an onion at all. I have been trying to not buy so much extra food and use up what I have. Usually, I buy much more than we need and end up throwing a lot out. This week I ran completely out of margerine and onions and did not even know I was out. If brother would loan me an onion, maybe I could make chicken and something.

Helen is mad because she thinks I did not like her calendar. I liked it, I hung it on my wall already. I still want to know if that is Mama in the one photo. I also want Helen to scan in some of the photos I saw on the pages. I took a photo of her that came out pretty good, but I want here to scan a few of the others for us. I am guess I will have to wait till she forgets she is mad to ask her this.

My indoor thermometer starting flashing this am, so I went looking for the book that came with it. I thought I knew where it was in a drawer in Debbie's table, but could not find it. I cleaned and tossed a lot of papers while preparing rooms to be painted so I went through these papers this morning, tossed some more, sorted some and just pushed some back in the cabinet I took them out of. I found the stub from the first pay check I got at Tyson. On Dec 10, '88 I worked 49.94 hours and made a total of 271.80. I made 4.95 and hour. I had to pay 11.95 for supplies. I guess I bought a pair of boots. I also found the first benefit folder they gave me and the Orientation Booklets for 1988, 89 and 90.

I also found booklets for many appliances and other things we bought that no longer work. Oh, and after going through all these papers and not finding the thermometer booklet, I found it in the drawer I first looked in. I did not see it because I was looking for a book and it was just a piece of folded paper. It did not tell me why the unit was flashing. I took the batteries out and put them back in and it is not flashing now. It does not have the correct time and date. We will see if it resets like it is supposed.

Helen is my favorite sister because she made me a wonderful calender that I love. I have it hanging on my wall. You can also see in the photo the curtains Erin gave me. I hope she does not want them back because they were a bit large for my windows with the sheers between them. I solved this by cutting them down the center and hanging only one curtain per window. I did not sew up the edges or iron them. Helen would not approve, but They look fine. The wrinkles will disappear in time, or not. When we get the floor done and my new living room furniture, I will iron the curtains.

First Look

Not too bad. Maybe an inch to an inch and a half or so of icy snow. When I walked out, it did not seem to have a first layer of ice, so it is not that slick and the t vee is saying the roads are slick but not extremely icy. T vee is also saying we have more to come.

Then I walked on out and icy thinks were falling on me. This was sleet, not snow. But, there is very little frozen on the trees and wires. We do not have to work today, and it if we don't get more ice, we will probably not loose our power, so today may be a good day after all.

We will see. Hope for snow, not ice.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The calender is great, But... I do not know who I am supposed to know in the above photo. I am thinking maybe Mama is on the right in the top row, but I am not sure.

I know who this is. I took this with my camera. I think it turned out pretty good.

At first I could not figure out who this was, but I guess it has to be Aunt Helen.

It would have helped, it the people in the photos had something to do with the month they are displayed on. When I did my calendar, I remember working hard to get the first 8 to 10 months just right, then for November and December, I just threw in pictures to fill the page. Either Helen got tired of messing with this after the first 2 months, or she could not remember who was who in the pictures.

And, I had not seen several of these photos in years. There is one of me before I got married that I have not seen for over 30 years.

I will explain who Aunt Oma is in a later post, but she is Grandma Powell's sister that lived in OK. We went to California to see Aunt Tee, Grandpa Powell's sister.

Hope you and the girl are having fun a Melissa's.

They say it is sleeting in Carrollton. Nothing her as yet, but the sky is gloomy. Tyson has already called off all work tomorrow. It really does not matter to me. If we get ice, I was not going anyway.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dead People

Well, mostly, anyway. This is Aunt Oma Moore's family. A great granddaughter contacted me with this photo. Theresa is a daughter of John Moore. John Moore is a son of John Moore, Sr. And John Sr. is son of Oma and Guy Moore. I know we have some photos of John and his sister, Etta Lee visiting Grandma in town.

These are, in Theresa's words: "The people in the picture are : front left to right--Billie (daughter), Marilyn (granddaughter), ? (granddaughter), Oma, Guy (husband), Polly (daughter). back left to right--Poss (son in law), Lloyd (son in law), My grandad John, Etta Lee (daughter). I think it was taken around 1943. "

Polly, I know as Pauline. Theresa said Pauline is still living. I think all the other adults in the photo are dead.

She also sent dates for Guy and John Sr. "Guy Lee Moore was born in Arkansas Oct 31, 1895 and died in Tulsa Aug 15, 1969. John Maples Moore (my grandad) was born in Oklahoma (maybe the Bartlesville area) Jan 26, 1923 and died in Tulsa Jan 15, 1993."

So, Aunt Oma named her son after the little brother who died at age 14, John Maples.

Helen can add all this to her calendar.

PS, Betty, I know you are just trying to get me to post with your comments. You need to post something on your blog. Mama's day was a week ago.

They are still saying ice tomorrow night, so I may have new sparkling photos to post Friday.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One year ago

It started falling sometime in the evening of the 26th and by the time it stopped sometime the next day, we were entombed in ice.
We have ice forecast for Thursday, but it can't be nearly as bad as last January.