Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dead People

Well, mostly, anyway. This is Aunt Oma Moore's family. A great granddaughter contacted me with this photo. Theresa is a daughter of John Moore. John Moore is a son of John Moore, Sr. And John Sr. is son of Oma and Guy Moore. I know we have some photos of John and his sister, Etta Lee visiting Grandma in town.

These are, in Theresa's words: "The people in the picture are : front left to right--Billie (daughter), Marilyn (granddaughter), ? (granddaughter), Oma, Guy (husband), Polly (daughter). back left to right--Poss (son in law), Lloyd (son in law), My grandad John, Etta Lee (daughter). I think it was taken around 1943. "

Polly, I know as Pauline. Theresa said Pauline is still living. I think all the other adults in the photo are dead.

She also sent dates for Guy and John Sr. "Guy Lee Moore was born in Arkansas Oct 31, 1895 and died in Tulsa Aug 15, 1969. John Maples Moore (my grandad) was born in Oklahoma (maybe the Bartlesville area) Jan 26, 1923 and died in Tulsa Jan 15, 1993."

So, Aunt Oma named her son after the little brother who died at age 14, John Maples.

Helen can add all this to her calendar.

PS, Betty, I know you are just trying to get me to post with your comments. You need to post something on your blog. Mama's day was a week ago.

They are still saying ice tomorrow night, so I may have new sparkling photos to post Friday.


Sister--Three said...

Did Theresa just send this. I can see Oma is surely Grandma's sister. They look a lot a like. Is this where you get your skinny?

Sister--Three said...

Dah...I see now who sent the photo.

The 4th Sister said...

Ok Fleta you know how confused I get about old people...Isn't one of these women the one we went to CA to visit and her daughter did not want us to talk to her....the old woman told us how she caught her husband in the barn, in the hay with another woman and ran him off....then she remarried? Or did she then live with her sister who was better off?

Anonymous said...

happy new year............................................................