Friday, July 12, 2013

Hot Diggidy, Dog Diggidy...

We traded 2 goats for a pup, or sorta.  At least we had two bottle billy goats, now we don't.  And, now we have a puppy.

It is a little girl, 6 weeks old.  The lady kept telling me she was born May 31st like I was going to forget.  I assured her I could remember May 31st.  Anyway, she must have been a city girl.  Farm people do not think much about actual birth dates for animals, only approximate age is important.  Anyway, we went to Pindall to get her.  She is half Catahoula and half Anatolian.  Both fairly large dogs, but, hey, she was free and she is not a hound or a little yipping dog.

And, she peed on Junior's deck.  Robert really, really thought that was funny.

The both love her already, but Hannah really, really loves her.  She named her Bell.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just like Duck Dynasty...

We hauled the goats in the back of the car. Linda has lots of goats, and now she has two more bottle billies.

The kids were sad, but I was really glad.

I promised them a puppy in place of the goats, so now we are looking for a young shepherd pup. Anyone got a shepherd pup for let? No hounds.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Swimmers...

It was around the first of June, about 6 weeks ago, that the kids went swimming in Frank's pool the first time this season.  I was wanting George to teach them to swim this summer, but we found that Robert could already swim like a fish.  Hannah was afraid of the water at first, but has been gaining confidence with each trip to the pool.  George takes them almost every day during the week for an hour or two when it is just him and the kids.  Today when I got home Hannah said, 'Grandma, I can swim.  I taught myself."  We went back for about an hour this afternoon with the camera.  Sure enough, she has taught herself to swim.  She was really excited about the accomplishment.  It is amazing to go from being scared to turn loose of the ladder to swimming underwater in only 6 weeks.  We are really proud of her.

Monday, July 08, 2013

The End...

Of vacation today.  I had a good day.  The grave yard is looking really good.  I walked down just to take pictures early this morning.  If it does not rain and stays hot like a normal July and August, the weeds will not come back until  next spring.

This was taken from about half way between grave yard and our line fence.  If you enlarge it, you can see a white speck in Clayton's garden.

He was watering his garden.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Goats on Parade

I am already sick of bottle goats.  They followed the big goats for the first time today, so when they got down here, they came up in the yard.  They are now in the chicken pen. Not in the house with the chickens, but in the pen in front of the house.  

Lane got a job, so I have been telling Robert and Hannah they need to get a job.  Tonight Hannah asked if she could have a job feed the baby goats, $5 each a week.  It has not even been day one and Hannah is asking when she will get paid.

My bee balm really is pretty.  I guess the  ones I got this year will not bloom until next year.