Saturday, January 10, 2015

I give up

on trying to get IE to behave like I want it to.  I searched this am to try to find out how to get the toolbars back on IE 11 with Win 8.1.  As is often the case, when I opened the link to microsoft  help that google returned for this search, I got a Win 7 help page with no help for 8.1.  I want a toolbar and a home button on my web browser.  So, I decided to download Google Chrome on this. Presto, after running Chrome and signing in, I had back the same toolbar and everything that I get on the other computer and even the one at work, if I sign in to Google.  What really, really irritates me about the whole Win 8.1 and IE 11 help thing, is that when you get to the Microsoft help pages they return help for Win 7.  I have used Chrome for several years now, and now since shortly  after I started to blogging with Patsy in 2006.

Another thing that irritates me about this OS is the way it treats pics.  When I put my SD card in the Win 7 machine, it scans the card and then offers to download the new pics to the machine, ignoring all those that I have already downloaded.  On this thing, it first takes 2 or 3 minutes to scan all the pics on the card, then offers to import the new pics.  So, just now I took the card to the other machine and erased all the old pics, 4 hundred and some odd pics.  Now, I have on this machine, these pics of Callens Branch little bit of water that got my feet wet yesterday.  If you zoom in, you can see a knob of ice in the mix.

I will not be walking this am, as it is 8 degrees now.  It is supposed to get up to the mid 30's late this afternoon, so that is when I will walk.

This is dog that followed me home from Dan's yesterday.  I think she belongs to the Mexicans at the Stone place.  She stayed last night, but she will likely be leaving as Tuffy will not let her eat here.  I think that is likely why Old Yeller would not stay here.  That is OK, one dog is enough for me.

I read and scanned through Numbers 9 last night.  Today, when I walk I need to take a trash bag and pick up trash if I want to be resolute this week.  I usually think of the bag when I see the first big bit of trash along the road.  Maybe I will put some wally world bags in my vest pocket, so they will always be handy.

Chrome is behaving more to my liking than IE 11.  So far, I have not switched default browsers, but that will likely be next. 

Friday, January 09, 2015

Days of rest

I do not have to go to work for 2 whole days and do not have anything I actually have to do this week end.  I am going to try to get stared on Numbers tonight, but maybe not.

I walked 5 miles.  I guess I should have worn my new boots tonight, as Callens Branch was flowing and I got my toes wet.  It was not that cold tho, and my feet did not get cold.  The water was less than and inch deep on the slab.

This week end is supposed to be pretty cold and I think rain for Sunday, but next week end is supposed to be nice.  I am ready for spring.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Truth in Advertizing

I have read the Bible through Exodus 25 and I am going to start looking at Numbers tonight.  I say looking at because from Exodus 25 to the end I scanned and read small parts.  I actually read very little of the last 15 chapters and I looked through Leviticus but did not read any of it.  Tonight, I plan on looking at Numbers, but I may not read much of  it either because the first chapter looks much like Leviticus.  Still, in Exodus I did read a few things that were new to me.  I had never actually read the about the Golden Calf in Exodus.  A few things about the story were surprising to me.  I did not know that Aaron actually made the calf.

I walked 4 miles tonight.  It was around 30 degrees at 3 when I started out, but I was all bundled up and did not get cold.  I wore my new boots.  They are much warmer than my sneakers.  This is the second time I have walked in the boots.  If it is not cold or wet, I will still wear my walking shoes.  I  also wore the warm leggings from Helen.  The fleece leggings are so much warmer than the others I have tried.

I fixed the distorted pictures on my blog.  I thought I knew what the problem was and I was right.  And, I have got the Bible App working.  I was trying to use the Windows 7 app and I needed the Windows 8.1 app. I would certainly recommend the Olive Tree Bible Study app to anyone wanting a Bible to read on the computer.  It works well enough, I may buy a reference ebook Bible from them.  But, I will settle for the free Bible for now.

Tomorrow is go home early day.

Here is a picture that is not distorted, and is in a folder all by itself on my computer so I do not have to search through several photos trying to decide which one is he one I had decided to post.  I could not figure out how to move photos in this tablet, but tonight I happened on the answer.  One of these days  I will figure out had to go back and froth between web pages like on a regular laptop.  For now, I just have to start all over from go, and usually cannot find my way back to the previous page, even though it is still open somewhere on this thing.

Still, I really like the table for playing on the web and reading books and the news. To read books I even fold it in an upside down tent like this ^  to read.  That makes it like reading a book propped up on a stand.  Works well for reading in bed.

Oh, and it was 2 degrees when I went to work this morning.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Tuesday, a beautiful day

But a tad bit cold.  It got to almost 40 today and the sun  was shinning brightly all day.  I walked about 6 miles today.  I walked over to Pedens and around their house to the next corner.  Yesterday I saw a couple of eagles at their chicken houses but today it was only a dozen or so buzzards.  They sold their chickens last Friday, so I am guessing they have a few dead carcasses in the field somewhere.

On the way back, at the blue gate, I decided to cut up over the hill instead of around the road.  The dog jumped a dear out of the woods at the top of the hill. 

This is the climb up the fence between the Old Stone place and the Old Hampton place. It was a steep climb from the road.  I stopped a couple  of times before I got to the top.  I thought  it had probably taken about 10  minutes to get up this, but actually, when I looked at my watch, it had only taken 4 minutes.
Hampton's barn from the top of the above hill.
Getting closer, to the barn and to home.
The road across the hill to home.
David's icy swamp on top of the hill.  Our land is just across the fence to the right.  This spot is almost directly across the hill from the cave.  About 15 minutes after this, I was home.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Monday, back to work

But at least I got to drive the new truck. 

I walked 5 miles tonight, over to Pedens chicken houses.  I saw 2 or 3 eagles and a hawk by the chicken house, but did not get any good pictures.  I wore my new walking boots just to try them out.  They are really nice.
Helen took this as I started out today.

She wanted a close up of my getup.  I think she is wanting to get an outfit just like this.
I met a couple of trekkers on the road.  I think they are homeless wonderers.

This is Emmy's new puppy.  He is going to be a big dog, but he is cute and friendly.
I have read through Exodus chapter 15.
It was really a beautiful day this afternoon.  It was above 40 degrees when I started my walk about 3.  If I had known it was as warm as it was, I would have taken a nap in my new truck at noon.  It was bright and sunny for the first day in a very long time.   It is supposed to be colder tomorrow.  Oh Boy!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

No Walk

Girl Scouts instead.  Saturday starts girl scout cookie sales.  They are $4 a box this year. 

I did do 15 minutes of weights this morning, and maybe will do a little more after while, but no time to walk.  I should have went when I woke up this am instead of playing on the computer.

I am really having trouble with the Bible app.  Sometimes it works and sometimes not.  That is a shame because when it works I do like it.

The other thing about this tablet that is frustrating to me is I can not figure out how to minimize one screen to go to another screen or another program.  If I leave one screen, even tho I do not close the program, it is often hard to find my way back to that same place.  Still, I do like the tablet.  I actually do most of my net and computer stuff either around bed time, or early in the morning.  This little thing is better suited to use while sitting up in bed than a big laptop.

Tomorrow is back to work and back to school.  It is supposed to get really cold tonight and be cold the rest of the week, with  Wednesday not even getting up to freezing.

While we were out for the scout meeting, I went to wally world and got a fleece top to wear when it is so cold in the bedroom in the morning, or to wear when I go walking or even to work on cold days.  If I like it, I may buy another one or two.  It is very comfortable.

Today, at Church, I knew where to look in the Bible for all the books mentioned in the sermon.  What started me on the journey to learn the books of the Bible was when the preacher said to turn to a certain book and I did not even recognize the name.  I mean, I did not know there was a Bible book by that name.  I am not sure which book it was, but I think it was Ephesians.  That is one of the books that I had to search for the pronunciation.  The others  I was not sure of were Philemon, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Haggai.  I think I know how to pronounce all of them now, but Zephaniah was really hard. And, I am not sure I am saying Habakkuk right, but at least I know where in the Bible to look for it.

I am off to start on Exodus.

One more

year older.

Yesterday, Helen and I went to Branson to buy hiking boots with the money Betty sent for my birthday.  We took the new truck.  It drives so much nicer than the old vehicles we have. This is what I bought at Bass Pro.

They are light weight, insulated,  and waterproof.  Plus, no one will see me coming.  They are made of vortex.  I meant to try them out yesterday by walking up on the hill about sundown, but that did not happen. I may try them today, or not.  It is supposed to be really cold and windy, but then it is supposed to be cold all week.  Yesterday, I did walk 4 miles to the red barn, but that was early in the morning before we went to Branson.
This is my walking grab, a Mama word, with the new truck behind me.  When it is cold and damp, I wear a tee-shirt, a sweater, the very nice rain red jacket Betty gave me, my bright yellow/green vest, this black thingy Helen got me for my face that really works to keep my neck and face warm, my fleece scarf, a toboggan, some type of leggings like the fleece leggings Helen got me that are so very soft and warm, jeans, heavy socks and fleece gloves.  As I get warm after a couple of miles, I start taking off the head coverings to cool off.  Really, even in windy cold weather, I do not get cold layered this way.
I also bought 2 additional pair of the climate right fleece leggings yesterday, because they are really warm and comfortable.  I was going to buy a new set of sheets for my bed, but  Helen had a credit somewhere online and she is ordering me a set of sheets that she thinks I will like.  I was not in favor of her paying, but she said it was not a credit that she had paid for, but one she got because of her orders messup.

Yesterday, I made my favorite  chocolate cake for my birthday.  Thin Devils food cake, cooked on a cookie sheet topped with chocolate pudding, cherry pie filling and coolwhip.  I made it in two throwaway pans planning to freeze one for some other day. The kids did not like my favorite and ate most of the plain one with ice cream.  I still have lots of cake for this week.  Not good for my diet I have read the book of Genesis and will start on Exodus today. I have logged my miles, done strength training, so on day 4, I am on track.

I do have one other resolution for 2015.  I am going to take a trash bag with me as I walk and pick up trash along our road at least one day each week.  I did that one  day last week  and left the trash on Helen's front step for her to dispose of. 

Need to go now and get the kids up for Church.  We start a new study book today.  I can't wait.  George is taking us, so I may take my walking  boots and walk  home after church.  We will see.

The  goats yesterday morning, Sir Art, Little Red, Big Red.

The weather yesterday morning, supposed to be worse today.