Sunday, January 04, 2015

One more

year older.

Yesterday, Helen and I went to Branson to buy hiking boots with the money Betty sent for my birthday.  We took the new truck.  It drives so much nicer than the old vehicles we have. This is what I bought at Bass Pro.

They are light weight, insulated,  and waterproof.  Plus, no one will see me coming.  They are made of vortex.  I meant to try them out yesterday by walking up on the hill about sundown, but that did not happen. I may try them today, or not.  It is supposed to be really cold and windy, but then it is supposed to be cold all week.  Yesterday, I did walk 4 miles to the red barn, but that was early in the morning before we went to Branson.
This is my walking grab, a Mama word, with the new truck behind me.  When it is cold and damp, I wear a tee-shirt, a sweater, the very nice rain red jacket Betty gave me, my bright yellow/green vest, this black thingy Helen got me for my face that really works to keep my neck and face warm, my fleece scarf, a toboggan, some type of leggings like the fleece leggings Helen got me that are so very soft and warm, jeans, heavy socks and fleece gloves.  As I get warm after a couple of miles, I start taking off the head coverings to cool off.  Really, even in windy cold weather, I do not get cold layered this way.
I also bought 2 additional pair of the climate right fleece leggings yesterday, because they are really warm and comfortable.  I was going to buy a new set of sheets for my bed, but  Helen had a credit somewhere online and she is ordering me a set of sheets that she thinks I will like.  I was not in favor of her paying, but she said it was not a credit that she had paid for, but one she got because of her orders messup.

Yesterday, I made my favorite  chocolate cake for my birthday.  Thin Devils food cake, cooked on a cookie sheet topped with chocolate pudding, cherry pie filling and coolwhip.  I made it in two throwaway pans planning to freeze one for some other day. The kids did not like my favorite and ate most of the plain one with ice cream.  I still have lots of cake for this week.  Not good for my diet I have read the book of Genesis and will start on Exodus today. I have logged my miles, done strength training, so on day 4, I am on track.

I do have one other resolution for 2015.  I am going to take a trash bag with me as I walk and pick up trash along our road at least one day each week.  I did that one  day last week  and left the trash on Helen's front step for her to dispose of. 

Need to go now and get the kids up for Church.  We start a new study book today.  I can't wait.  George is taking us, so I may take my walking  boots and walk  home after church.  We will see.

The  goats yesterday morning, Sir Art, Little Red, Big Red.

The weather yesterday morning, supposed to be worse today.


Sister--Three said...

Happy birthday. Just easing that made me so tired!!

Sister--Three said...


Winnie Sneed said...

Happy Birthday sweet cousin...we had ice here this morning, so all churches were called off...that sure does not happen often..glad you are studying the Bible....Mike and I took a full two year course called the Bethel bible was really awesome!