Thursday, January 08, 2015

Truth in Advertizing

I have read the Bible through Exodus 25 and I am going to start looking at Numbers tonight.  I say looking at because from Exodus 25 to the end I scanned and read small parts.  I actually read very little of the last 15 chapters and I looked through Leviticus but did not read any of it.  Tonight, I plan on looking at Numbers, but I may not read much of  it either because the first chapter looks much like Leviticus.  Still, in Exodus I did read a few things that were new to me.  I had never actually read the about the Golden Calf in Exodus.  A few things about the story were surprising to me.  I did not know that Aaron actually made the calf.

I walked 4 miles tonight.  It was around 30 degrees at 3 when I started out, but I was all bundled up and did not get cold.  I wore my new boots.  They are much warmer than my sneakers.  This is the second time I have walked in the boots.  If it is not cold or wet, I will still wear my walking shoes.  I  also wore the warm leggings from Helen.  The fleece leggings are so much warmer than the others I have tried.

I fixed the distorted pictures on my blog.  I thought I knew what the problem was and I was right.  And, I have got the Bible App working.  I was trying to use the Windows 7 app and I needed the Windows 8.1 app. I would certainly recommend the Olive Tree Bible Study app to anyone wanting a Bible to read on the computer.  It works well enough, I may buy a reference ebook Bible from them.  But, I will settle for the free Bible for now.

Tomorrow is go home early day.

Here is a picture that is not distorted, and is in a folder all by itself on my computer so I do not have to search through several photos trying to decide which one is he one I had decided to post.  I could not figure out how to move photos in this tablet, but tonight I happened on the answer.  One of these days  I will figure out had to go back and froth between web pages like on a regular laptop.  For now, I just have to start all over from go, and usually cannot find my way back to the previous page, even though it is still open somewhere on this thing.

Still, I really like the table for playing on the web and reading books and the news. To read books I even fold it in an upside down tent like this ^  to read.  That makes it like reading a book propped up on a stand.  Works well for reading in bed.

Oh, and it was 2 degrees when I went to work this morning.


Sister--Three said...

I love pictures so glad u figured the pictures!

It is 29 now was 16 this morning, electricity was off from 6 30 to 9 30!and it was only 50 in the house.. I think it is supposed to get to 20'tonoght.

Donna said...

The theme of Leviticus seems to be "you have to have the blood to be saved". Yep, boring. Deuteronomy is equally boring to me. I love most of Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Judges, Ruth... some of the prophetic books bore me in places, too. I've read the whole Bible through, many times, but these days if I can't find a lesson in the story, I skip it.