Saturday, January 10, 2015

I give up

on trying to get IE to behave like I want it to.  I searched this am to try to find out how to get the toolbars back on IE 11 with Win 8.1.  As is often the case, when I opened the link to microsoft  help that google returned for this search, I got a Win 7 help page with no help for 8.1.  I want a toolbar and a home button on my web browser.  So, I decided to download Google Chrome on this. Presto, after running Chrome and signing in, I had back the same toolbar and everything that I get on the other computer and even the one at work, if I sign in to Google.  What really, really irritates me about the whole Win 8.1 and IE 11 help thing, is that when you get to the Microsoft help pages they return help for Win 7.  I have used Chrome for several years now, and now since shortly  after I started to blogging with Patsy in 2006.

Another thing that irritates me about this OS is the way it treats pics.  When I put my SD card in the Win 7 machine, it scans the card and then offers to download the new pics to the machine, ignoring all those that I have already downloaded.  On this thing, it first takes 2 or 3 minutes to scan all the pics on the card, then offers to import the new pics.  So, just now I took the card to the other machine and erased all the old pics, 4 hundred and some odd pics.  Now, I have on this machine, these pics of Callens Branch little bit of water that got my feet wet yesterday.  If you zoom in, you can see a knob of ice in the mix.

I will not be walking this am, as it is 8 degrees now.  It is supposed to get up to the mid 30's late this afternoon, so that is when I will walk.

This is dog that followed me home from Dan's yesterday.  I think she belongs to the Mexicans at the Stone place.  She stayed last night, but she will likely be leaving as Tuffy will not let her eat here.  I think that is likely why Old Yeller would not stay here.  That is OK, one dog is enough for me.

I read and scanned through Numbers 9 last night.  Today, when I walk I need to take a trash bag and pick up trash if I want to be resolute this week.  I usually think of the bag when I see the first big bit of trash along the road.  Maybe I will put some wally world bags in my vest pocket, so they will always be handy.

Chrome is behaving more to my liking than IE 11.  So far, I have not switched default browsers, but that will likely be next. 


Sister--Three said...

That dog is pretty, but two dogs are too many!

Donna said...

I have used nothing but Google Chrome for years now.