Sunday, January 11, 2015

37 and counting

miles in January.  I only walked 2 miles yesterday, but I picked up trash along the road all the way to the cemetery.  Helen and I have both picked up trash along the road here to Dan's recently so I was overly optimistic. I took 4 wally  world bags.  I had them filled before I got to the walnut tree no more corner.  I  started tossing cans into the road and bottles at the side of the road.  After I turned around at the cemetery, I called George to bring real trash bags.  We got it all loaded in the old truck, where it has stayed.  George will dump it today, but not along the road.

I am resolute.

I have read over half of Deuteronomy.  I read more of it than Leviticus and Numbers, but still scanned a lot of it.   I am thinking of starting on the New Testament and reading both on alternating days.  I have seen several plans on the net for reading that way, but in reading, I have to make my own way in all things.

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Sister--Three said...

Resolute nis a good word for you,

Back and forth would be good I would think.