Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thanks Melissa

For paying me $3 to take your hand me down pants.
She sent us a big box of pants for Robert.  He was needing some new pants, but I have to take him with me and make him try them on to buy pants.  He never wants to do this.  Greg made him try these all on and they fit except for 2 pair that were too small.  I think he ended up with 6 new pair of pants.  He is really thankful that he got new pants and did not have to go to the store and try on clothes. They are all really nice pants.
Then she sent 2 pair of nice pants for me.  I wore one pair to work yesterday, and found $3 in the watch pocket.  It is nice to get new to me clothes with bonus pay.
I walked 4 miles yesterday.  We will see about today.  I have logged 46 miles walked this year.  My goal now is 100 miles a month.  May not make that in the 28 day middle of winter month coming up soon.
I am up to II Samuel in Bible reading.

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Sister--Three said...

Samuel was so into doing gods work that he was not a very good father to his own sons! I think there is a lesson there.