Saturday, February 05, 2011

A walk in the snowy woods

At 9 am this morning, we fed the birds, then I went for a walk.

It was 25 degrees when I started.

I went to Newberry's turkey houses and back.  When I got back at 11 am it was 36 degrees here.
It was a nice walk.  We got about 5 inches of snow.  No one had been on the road when I went out, but I met a pickup just past Norton's and then Dan pasted me just a ways past his house.  In the afternoon we went to town and got a few things.  Then back home, cleaned the snow off the deck...

And sat on the deck in the sunshine enjoying a cup of coffee.

I have uploaded some pictures to sutterfly here
You will need a password to get in.  It is my oldest living brother's name, starting with a capital letter plus the number 1.  I do not  have everyone's email on this laptop, but anyone wanting in can use Betty's email address that she has had forever and ever and this password.   Last month I uploaded all the old pictures I could find on the old computer to the site.  And I have family and scenery pics from last year.  If anyone wants an email invite, email me at adaymail @ yahoo...

Friday, February 04, 2011

Four inches and rising

It started snowing around 11 this morning. At times it has snowed hard. Right now it is really coming down. We have 4 inches on the deck, but I think about 2 of that was already there from Tuesday. George says they are saying up to 5 inches tonight.

He took me to work again today. The way it looks, he may have to take me all next week.

I have books to read and one good exercise book, the Mark Twain autobiography. It is over 600 pages, about 3 inches thick. It is what is called a weighty tome, good for carrying around and building muscles. Not worth a damn for reading.

And, I can always play on the net. Lots of food, plenty of heat, no frozen water lines. We are set for the weekend.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Pretty Cold

And going to stay that way. The sun is out, shinning brightly and it is 24 degrees on my back porch.

I went to work, but I made George take me today. I guess it will be the same tomorrow. The graded the hill, but it still has some snow and ice.

I am using the lap top now because the old computer is acting up. George still uses it, but I am tired of messing with it. It hangs up when I transfer pictures to it and it will not let me upload pictures to the blog now. I think it is the Norton I put on it, but I don't care. I will just use the new one.

George cooked beans for super today. I think I will make some cornbread for me, but he is eating his nasty white sandwich bread with his. I will either make cornbread or not have bread with mine.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

No workey, no groundhog

At 6 am, not 7 as the clock says, it is 11 degrees here on Dry Creek. No work for production today at Green Forest or Berryville plants. But, I did not know that so I got George up to take me to work. By the time we got there, I was suspecting that we were not working. No one else was out and about.

No groundhog because it is way too cold for him to show himself. We are supposed to be below zero tonight. At lease we will not be getting ice falling on our heads with it this cold. I think I will stay inside today.

Yesterday I cooked chicken and dumplings, today, I think it will be cheesy potato broccoli soup. George will not eat that, but he can eat leftovers from yesterday. Today is not his birthday.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

White sale

It iced till about 8 or so, then we had sleet for an hour or so and now it is icy snow. This is less likely to cause a power outage than the icy rain we were getting earlier.

George is getting the generator and bringing it up by the house.

We fed the birds.

I am cooking chicken to make chicken and dumplings. We are set for the day, but it can stop any time now for my druthers. It is supposed to storm all night and drop to below zero tomorrow night. Come on Spring!!

Ice drops are falling, but not on my head

Cause I am inside. I went to work this morning at the normal time of minus dark thirty. Clayton called at 7 am and said to come home. There is Ice everywhere. I figured if I did not come home, I would get static when I called for a ride later, so I came home. The roads are still clear, but there is ice on all the trees, fences and electirc wires. If it keeps up like this, and it looks like it will, we will probably loose power by tomorrow. Right now it is right at 32 degrees.

Down under the tree is our emergency power. I told George he needed to go get it and bring it up by the house, but he does not get very excited. Even if we loose power, I can still have internet with my wireless laptop and hot spot.

We saw 4 deer right down behind the trailers in this picture this morning, but they ran off when the dog barked. I wish we had some corn, we would put it out for them. Someone needs to go put seeds in the bird feeders. Maybe Clayton will come down and fill the feeders.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cleanup crew

George shot an armadillo down in the pasture. We had two Eagles eating on it.

We took the babies home this afternoon. Hannah was feeling much better today. She got new toys, new clothes and new movies to take home. She will probably pretend to be sick every time she comes over now.