Monday, November 09, 2015

Hair, camera, wallking and math

I got my hair cut Thursday.  I like to use the blog as a reminder of things I am likely to forget as in when I got my last permanent.  This was my first trim since the perm. That would right before the Alpena reunion, or the week of Sept 19,which I did not note anywhere.  Probably because I have taken up Helen's habit of posting once every other month.  I have been busy.

I got a new camera for Christmas.  My little super zoom camera has been acting up.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.  I bought a backup battery and it helps to put a fresh battery in it each day, but still sometimes it refuses to recognize the SD card.  The problem is with the camera, not the card of battery.  I have thought if I could clean the connections in the camera it might help, but they are really difficult to reach.  I am giving the old camera to Hannah for her birthday.  She will love it.  It will be a good starter camera for a little girl.  She is good with a camera.

And good with math.  Her class is learn the times tables.  She was the ONLY one in her class to make 100% on the third week times tables.  We have been practicing with my stop watch I use for walking.  I am getting her a new stop watch of  her own for her birthday also.  She is so much into birthdays, I really need to think  of something good for that day.  Anyway, as a reward for the math, she wanted a cheese cake.  I got two cheese cake mixes and we are taking them to Church Wednesday night.  She likes taking food on Wednesday's.

The Church Christmas play in underway.  The little kids, my kids, are going to do the nativity scene and not have to be in the actual play and neither do I.  I am pleased at that outcome.  They will get to sing Christmas Songs. Much easier than a long play.  Hannah is an angle and has to say a Bible verse.  She wanted a speaking part.  Robert is a shepherd.

I have walked 1058 miles this year.  I may be to South Boston by now.  Have not checked how far into VA that takes me.

Pics from new camera.  It is Canon SX60, and newer version of the SX50 I had.