Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Looks like...

Ramona is in. Dem-Gaz says she is leading by 400 votes.  And, we have a new county Sheriff.

The state and probably the nation is going to the Dance with the Repubs.   Lord, they know not what they do.

Let them eat cake...

Kids eating Aunt Helen's chocolate cake after school.  Robert was really excited about chocolate cake.  I don't think he has had any since the last time she made him cake.

No walking today as it is raining and cool.  Now with the time change, even if I start my walk right after the kids get home, it is dark an hour later.  Not that I can't walk after dark, but it cuts down on my time for getting things done when it gets dark so early.  

Like sister, I went to vote, and George did too.  I am sorta like Daddy in that I do not really think it makes much difference if I vote or not.  But, for Daddy, it was a matter of principle to not vote.  He felt our government was evil from top to bottom and the act of voting made you a party to the evilness.  The first time I ever voted was when the man from Arkansas first ran for President.  I remember the night of that election, Clayton and I were both working night shift at the plant.  There was a TV in the breakroom, and Clayton and John Fisher, the other QA supervisor were out there all night watching the election returns, whooping and hollering for Clinton.  It was so exciting and so amazing that a man from Arkansas had become President.  Who would have thought that a few short years later a man from Hawaii would be elected.

Anyway, this year, I not only voted, a did a tiny bit of campaigning.  Ramona Wilson, a classmate of Sister Betty, has been our Circuit Clerk for 16 years.  This year she may loose that job because of some really silly stuff about collecting fines.  In the last couple of days I have told several people to go vote for Ramona.  

We may loose our Democratic Senator and the Repubs may take the majority in the senate tonight.  I sure hope not. Anyway, I sold my soul and voted for some of the Devils, but only Democratic Devils, or Libertarians if no Demo was on the ballot.

Another thing Daddy said about politicians was the party owns the man.