Thursday, March 30, 2017

George says, I was right!

George thinks if we are going to raise goats, we need to breed towards Boer goat standards with coloring, body type and loooong ears.  The four billies we sold Saturday have proven him correct. They were only 4 months old, but sold for more than any we have sold so far except for their 2 year old sire.  The brown one went for $115 and the three white with brown heads went for $117.50 each, almost twice as much as other young billies we have previously sold.

Our little Ivy is doing good.  I think we are going to sell her and one other nanny next Saturday.  IF it is not raining.  Loading goats in the rain is an activity old people avoid.

Seven, Big Whites daughter born a year ago, should be our next nanny to kid.

And then, Holly, our two year old and mother of our current billy Chocolate milk, should kid within a couple of weeks or so.

That is how it is in Goat World.

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Goat Doctor

I noticed Saturday night that Little Ivy had a badly swollen neck.  We had this same problem over a year ago.  It is a goiter cause by lack of iodine.  We have iodine blocks and iodine powder, but they don't eat it very well so it is hard to get enough into them.  I read on the net that you could paint iodine solution on the bare skin under their tail and they would absorb it much faster than from eating.  Sunday morning I went to the $ store and  got a bottle of iodine like we put on cuts for disinfection when we were kids.  We painted her at noon and again in the evening.  I don't know if George doctored her this morning or not, but just now I walked down to see about her and the swelling is almost gone.  She was walking around grazing with the herd.  Yesterday, she just stood around and would not eat at all.  I am pleased.  Once yesterday, I went to check on her and found her asleep.  I thought she was dead.

This is the herd today.  It rained all night and most of today.  The pasture is soggy.

These are the four little billies we sold Saturday.  We hauled then in our camper shell, so we did not sell the yearling nannie I wanted to sell.  She is too big for the camper.  We will not know how much they sold for until Thursday.  They were all good looking billies.

Thanks to Erin and Greg

The kids got a trampoline.

They really love it.  The played for hours on it Sunday afternoon.  And thinks to Brother Gilbert for putting it together.

T Shirt Designs for Cherl Ann

Our most wonderful niece Cherl has volunteered, under duress from Sister Helen, to make us stencil templates for our VBS T-Shirts so we will not have to do iron-ons.  The stencils will be  much easier for the kids to do as then can dab the paint with sponges or sponge brushes instead of tedious outlines and filling in the design. It will also solve the problem of trying to transfer the black ink design to the dark shirts. In the interest of  simplicity for our most wonderful volunteer and in ease of use for the kids, I have redone the designs as one page designs.   There are still two choices.  The younger kids are going to get on the fish design as I think that would be easier for them.  The older kids will get to choose which design they want.

I will also have iron ons for each design, in case we do not have enough stencils to go around.  We never know how many kids we will have.  Not even from day to day.

Fish Design

Anchor Design