Thursday, March 30, 2017

George says, I was right!

George thinks if we are going to raise goats, we need to breed towards Boer goat standards with coloring, body type and loooong ears.  The four billies we sold Saturday have proven him correct. They were only 4 months old, but sold for more than any we have sold so far except for their 2 year old sire.  The brown one went for $115 and the three white with brown heads went for $117.50 each, almost twice as much as other young billies we have previously sold.

Our little Ivy is doing good.  I think we are going to sell her and one other nanny next Saturday.  IF it is not raining.  Loading goats in the rain is an activity old people avoid.

Seven, Big Whites daughter born a year ago, should be our next nanny to kid.

And then, Holly, our two year old and mother of our current billy Chocolate milk, should kid within a couple of weeks or so.

That is how it is in Goat World.

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Sister--Three said...

Wow, I did not think they would sell for that much and you said their were lots there, too!!
Sell more, sell more!!