Thursday, July 04, 2013

We're NEVER going to get rid of 'em now...

First he built a deck.

Then he put a roof over the deck.

Now, he is adding a table to the deck.  The problem is, so far, he has not paid one cent in rent for the space and he tried to poison the chickens.

Is it July yet?

We have had wonderful weather for July.  It is almost noon and still has not hit 80 here.  I am really enjoying my time off from work.

What are we doing here?  This is the way you shift the 4 wheeler when you are 3 feet tall and weight 45 pounds.

Hey, it works.

Hot Rod and Patsy playing on the hay.

This is how you get down.

The raccoon got 2 of the chickens Tuesday night, so Lane and George raccoon proofed the chicken house.  I caught them all except the 2 that hatched this spring, and locked them in the house last night. Tonight, Greg is going to set the trap in front of the door on the outside, and we hope to get rid of Mr. Coon.

We will have to leave them locked up for a month or so to get them to go back to roosting in the house, then I can turn them out during the day and lock them up at night.  I even caught the little light colored banty, but I don't see her in the photo.  Maybe she escaped. 

The dark banty is setting again in the other pen, so I left her there.  We will see how many eggs we get  when we do not have to search the south 40 to find eggs.

I bought steaks for everyone tonight.  The boys did not have money for food cause them spent all there money on things that go boom.  

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

We went down to the river...

Hannah found a friend named Samantha.  Robert stayed in the water for four hours.  They had a great time, and so did we.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

What's Happening...

At the end of June...

My hen and chicks that I bought because they reminded me of Betty.

Bird house gourds from seed I got at the library.  I think I  have 4 of these growing.  I have always liked birdhouse gourds but have never been able to get them to grow.   Maybe this is the year.

Lots of mint.  There are two bee balm plants here somewhere, some apple mint, and some other mint I got from the Minoite girls at the garden sale two years ago.

This is a bee balm plant I started from a cutting last year.  I thought it did not make it until it started blooming because I thought this was another apple mint.

My clean strawberry patch.  In the back ground is the patch I started last year.  Hope the new area does as well as the first.

 The June Gold peach tree is loaded with peaches this year and they are really good.  One branch broke off from too much weight.

Nectarine tree loaded down.  Don't know if they will ripen like they should or not.  

The homestead.

Hannah in the rain.  It rained for about 5 or 10 minutes, but it was cool all day.  I heard where Helen is it cooled down to about 110 today.

Junior built this onto his abode.  He did not quite get it finished.  I thought it was supposed to be a chicken roast, but when I put corn out on it they got mad.

Rain clouds.

But no more rain.

Boy watching Ice Roads.

Daddy got the girl a little radio with ear phones.  She loves it and went to sleep listening to music.  I had to take them out of her ears, but she did not way up.

2013 is half over.  It is going to be a good second half.