Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday, at last

We saw 4 deer right across the road from the house tonight.  The first time we have see them that close in almost a year, or maybe more.

Kids did good in school and are going to  the movies with Daddy tomorrow, Grandma's treat.  They are excited.  Emmy and her friend is here and they will go also.  Right now they have all gone somewhere with Uncle George.  Hannah is always really loves to have Emmy around and Emmy is very good with both kids.  They will have a good weekend and so will Grandma because kids will be occupied and not in the house.

I officially get my new boss Monday.  It is the guy that has worked with us for a couple of years not.  I am pleased.

I have to go now and plan my day alone tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week almost over,kids had a great day

Because they did not have to go to school and Daddy got off work early to spend time with them.  They both got good reports at school.  Robert's attitude is so much better and I could tell that both his regular teacher and his special teacher really care for him.  Hannah knew all the kids names and her teacher was sweet as pie.  Sometimes pie is so sweet it makes a person sick.  I told Hannah her teacher was really, really nice and I really like her.  Hope Hannah and the teacher bought that.  I know Robert's teacher from when she went to school with Greg and I worked with her mother some several years.  I do like Robert's teacher and she is nice.

We think we know who our new boss is going to be and it is someone we have worked with for a few years. That works for me.  He will know what a treasure I am and want to let me be boss.

Hannah said today she liked it best when Grandpa was boss, not me or Aunt Helen.  Helen asked her, 'why is that?'  Hannah says, 'He lets us be boss.'

One more day and then go  home early day.

Monday, September 23, 2013

A good day

I had a good day at work, kids had a good day at school.  Then they played on the wheels for almost 2 hours when they got home.

They enjoy it more when they ride together.  Mostly Hannah drives, but sometimes Robert drives.

Then, they told Daddy about their good day.