Saturday, January 17, 2015

Not walking today

We are riding down Hwy 7, then off on Hwy 16, then on a forest road, I think 1205, to Falling Waters and up that same forest road to Richland Creek Wilderness area.  If I get lost, I have directions and a map.  But right now everyone is still asleep.

Yesterday I walked 4 miles.  When Sister Betty posted that I should map my walk and go somewhere, I went looking for a map website that would tell me miles from one point to another.  Of course, I found it at google.  I it is

I think it is too cumbersome to use like Betty envisioned, as in walking 4 miles and then picking a place 4 miles further on the map I was walking.  Partly because it does not tell me the mileage until after I click a point. But it does work well for actually mapping miles walked on any road that google has marked on the map.  I mapped from here way over to Mathis' place and back.  I think that was about 10 miles.  Then, from here around to Coin and back across the creek at Lois' place is about 10.5 miles.  Totally doable.  It only measures marked roads, so I could not get it to come  back across the creek after the road ends.  I estimated that at half a mile, and it is not that far.  It says I can embed a map here so I am going to try that with the Coin across Dry Creek map.

Here goes:

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Sister--Three said...

We did that once at school forget where new we're going to but it was supposed to be a motivational tool.

Guess u are motivated and don't need tools,