Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day trip, Pedestal Rock, Falling Waters, up Richland Creek

We went to Pedestal Rock and walked the 2.2 mile walk. It was so nice and we all enjoyed it. Even Grandpa walked the trail. It was so going because the girl and boy kept insisting we had to wait for Grandpa. We then went on to Falling Waters and drove up to Richland campground. I think we will go back in the summer to tent camp at Richland Creek.

Robert said, look up.


Sister--Three said...

I have hiked pedestal rock with the kids there are two trails, I thought of it after u said you were going,

Glad you had a great time,

Sister--Three said...

Astrid wants to jump off the falls like uncle Walter used to do. Have to go when the waist is flowing, if u saw the garrison horse camp that is grandpa Howard's place,

Erin said...

Look up King's River Falls. It's a pretty neat little hike. And they would really enjoy Alum Cove/Natural Bridge trail at Deer.