Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eighty Miles in 2015

I have now logged 80 miles this year.  I plan on walking 100 miles this month.  Only 20 miles to go.

Tomorrow is go home early day.

Greg kept Robert home from school today.  He was not as sick as Hannah was but he does have a cold.

Em and Sam went to Church last night with Helen and the kids.  They all had a good time.  It just made Hannah's day to have Emmy go with her.  Maybe they will start going regularly.

We don't have anything planned for this weekend, except I am not going to work.


Sister--Three said...

Fleta, I don't want any new end tables or coffee table. I have a nice coffee table. I have about 6 end tables...please, don't hint to our sweet brother that I need end tables and coffee table...because I have too much stuff now!

I was afraid your or HELEN might tell him I needed new tables. I don't have aplace for all the crap I have! I want less not more.

The 4th Sister said...

No helen did not tell him...I reserve all favores for only myself! It's all about me!