Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Day .

and I think I will take a walk up on the hill and have a picnic today.  It is supposed to be in the mid 50's.  Should be a beautiful day.  I am thinking I will walk up on the hill and over to the water tower by Peden's and then down across Jack Robinson's old place that is now David Combs down to Dry Creek.  I would like to go without the dogs, but they are both here so I guess that will not happen.  I guess Helen has a new dog and she probably expects me to take care of it while she is gone.  The dog that belongs to the Stone place stays here.  He follows me out on my walks and goes up to his old house, but then comes back here.

I have now walked 84 miles.  I have got out the pedometer I bought a year or so ago and have been trying to wear it on my walks when I remember.  It does not work very well.  Sometimes I wear it on my walk and it says I have walked only a few hundred steps and other times it advances by the thousands.  I would buy a good one if there was a way to tell the good from the sorry.  The ones I looked at all seem to be about the same, unreliable.

Kids are at Helen's.  I am going to eat breakfast and pack a lunch and go.  I have gotten a hiking Arkansas book from the library and have another one coming.  I am looking for hikes to take the kids on and maybe some longer ones just for me.  I am thinking of buying a couple of Tim Ernst's hiking trail books.  After I look at the one I have ordered at the library I will decide.  I tried this am to look at ebooks from Green Forest on hiking Arkansas, but the ebook reader is just spinning  this am.  This computer did an update last week.  It probably  broke the book thingy.

Off to breakfast and a day trek.

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Sister--Three said...

I went outside to gather my eggs and the sun was nice...but there was a cold, cold north wind blowing. I came quickly to the house.