Sunday, January 18, 2015

Today I walked

home from Church, over to Eldridge's at the top of the hill, down the Morris Hill to Lois' house, across the creek to what once was Daddy's bottom land, and then up through the fields home.  It was great fun.  I wore my boots and even though I had to wade a little water, my feet did not get at all wet.  I took my time, ambling along, so it took 2 hours to walk it.  I am not sure how many miles it is.  I will use the pedo tool and find out.

I am sure, Hugh bought this new.

The house.

Barn about to fall.

The gravel bar is where I crossed.

Boots for walking.


Oak Tree.


Sister--Three said...

So proud the boots are working.

You are a seed planter. Laura and Astrid plan to go hike from Falling Water to Richland Creek tomorrow. I am sure that would have let me go, but like George I would slow them down too much. I figure you have to climb over some rocks and boulders.

I walked about 3 and a half today. It was a pretty day.

Sister--Three said...

The tractor is still a fine one. Larry would love it. Notice the tires are good. Always kept out of the weather. This is just the type of tractor Larry loves to find and buy.