Saturday, March 21, 2015

Great day to the evening and windows 8 cursor

It has been a beautiful day.  Cool and foggy this am, warm and cloudy now at 6 pm.  I walked 4 miles this am to make my 25 miles this week.

Greg is here.  He took the kids fishing at Denver this am. They caught several small fish and put them in the pond here by the house.  Now they have gone bowling.

George and I went to Walmart at Branson and bought a 8 man tent to take the kids camping when it gets warm.  My boss told me about buy an instant setup tent.  It sounded convenient as all the poles are made into the tent and do not get lost, so that is what we got.  I am ordering them sleeping bags later tonight or tomorrow.  I bought a rechargeable lantern and a solar powered flashlight.  So, the next really nice weekend we have, we are going camping on the great Buffalo.

And about the cursor.  For the second time on this computer, the cursor disappeared.  I had to search again online as I had forgotten what I found the last time this happened.  The f5 key on my little computer makes the cursor invisible. I did not know I had touched that key, but I guess I did as the cursor would not appear until I searched for the answer and presto, here it is again.


Sister--Three said...

I bet they love camping!

Erin said...

We are going April 10th and 11th to buffalo point near yellville -- weather willing!

The 4th Sister said...

oh my sis...get a mattress to sleep are so boney the ground will hurt

Winnie Sneed said... Dr just called and the removed tumor was benign....thank you so much for all the supportive and uplifting prayers😘