Monday, March 16, 2015

Good start

to the week.  It was over 70 yesterday  and supposed to be again today.  Spring is here.

Yesterday, after Church, we took the kids to a little drive through zoo at Eagle Rock.  The had lots of fun, but next time we will just go to the real zoo at Springdale.  This was recommended by a friend, and after going there, I think the real attraction here for many people is the drive don't walk part.  Just the same, the kids liked it.  But, just as we left, Hannah asked to go to a real zoo next time.  

We also stopped off at Enon on the way home.  I took a picnic lunch, but by the time we got to Enon at past 4, George had eaten his sandwiches and the kids had filled up on junk food. Still, they really enjoyed playing at the edge of the lake.  They want to go back and fish someday.

I walked 2 miles Sunday morning and 4 after we got home.  I am now at the 250 mile mark.  That should puts me about 50 miles from St. Louis.  

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Sister--Three said...

Celebrated too soon! Cold again here.