Monday, March 07, 2016


The Trumper comes up with a new low, I think, Oh I wish Patsy was here to tell us about this.  
Someone said the repubs, as Pat called them, are now the party of Dumb and Dumber.

This weekend I watched a special on Loretta Lynn on PBS.  I thought I have never read her Coal Miner's Daughter book.  When I went to the Big Library in the Sky, they had an out of order sign on the door.  Tonight, it is working again, and I have downloaded that book.  I think the story of her childhood should be interesting.

The new babies are doing fine, still locked in Jail.  No new additions yet, though.

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Donna Wood said...

That Loretta Lynn special was excellent! I got a big kick out of her son and some of his stories.

Patsy would be proud to know that I am no longer a repub. I bailed out of that clown car even before Trump. Not a Dem either, but I will vote for anybody rather than Trump. I cannot believe that he is making such waves! I keep hoping I will wake up on April first and hear Trump saying, "April fool!"