Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saturday, March 2nd

A little snow, very cold, and lots of wild animals.

Now, everyone has left the building except me.  Emmy went to the neighbors and the two big boys took the little kids and went somewhere.  I did not ask where they were going.  Somewhere besides here in the house.

The goats were all out except the little black nanny a while ago, so I took her some feed.  Mama and this baby were down here in the road and came running, so I put them back in the pasture.  I couldn't see any of the other goats, so I walked up to brothers thinking they might be in his yard.

No, they were all waaaay up on top of the hill.  Before, they have only ventured along the edge where the brush first starts.  Today, they were clear out of sight up on top.

I put them all back in.

They ate some hay.  I am sure they will be back on the hill later.

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Sister--Three said...

It is cold here, but looks colder there. Erin said she saw your gang at Big Lots.